Limited Edition Nux Jungle Book Bottles and Soothers

As part of our role as an official NUK blogger family, we get the pleasure of reviewing fab products from the likes of Annabel Karmel, Boikido and NUK.

Of course, the products are all for Rhys and Jasper, but as their muma, provider of food, opener of bottles … I also get a first hand chance to try them all out.

The latest bundle of goodies that we’ve been set the mission of testing out is the NUK Disney Jungle Book Bottle and Soother Set – exclusive to Boots.

The set retails at £19.99 and includes the following:


*2x NUK First Choice 300ml bottles

*2x NUK Size 2 First Choice Silicone Teats

*1x NUK 150ml Learner Bottle

*1x NUK Size 2 Soother

To make things fair, I ‘ll be letting both the boys try out different items from the set, but as it’s for 6 months plus, Jaspy will have to wait for his. Jaspy will have a go with the dummies and learner bottle; and Rhys has been hooked on the first choice bottles.

Here’s what we thought … translated from ‘goos’ and ‘gaas’ by moi:

First choice bottles and size 2 teats20140823-093301-34381253.jpg

Rhys loved the bright colours and Jungle Book characters Mowgli and Baloo. What’s fab about the First Choice teats is that they feature an anti-colic air system which enables air to flow through a vent into the bottle which stops bambino from swallowing the air. This feature doesn’t really benefit Rhys but if I chose to save the second one for Jasper when he’s a little older then that will be fab.

The bottles really easy for Rhys to hold in one hand – perfect for getting up to mischief with the other hand!


The learner bottles benefit from a non-spill spout and easy to grip handles which are a perfect aid for Jasper to transition from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup. At the moment he’s got Tommee Tippee handles that I attach to his bottles so by the time he’s 6 months he should have no problem using this to feed himself – free hands for muma – YAY!

Rhys decided to demonstrate this one for you 🙂20140823-094759-35279054.jpg

The soother is designed with wide lip support and an orthodontic shape which adapts to bambinos mouth and helps them to exercise their lips, tongue and facial muscles. It’s also fab for the healthy development of babies jaw and teeth so I’ll be keeping hold of this one for when Jaspy needs it!

Overall I think this is a great set. The colourful characters on the bottles make them really stand out compared to the plain bottle designs that you usually get for the little ones, which makes the price of £19.99 more reasonable.

The only downside i’ve found so far is that Rhys likes to tip his bottles upside down so when he uses the first choice bottles we end up with little dribbles of milk on the sofa and floors … but thats down to a little pickle of a monkey not the bottles haha

You can pick this set up exclusively from

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