A nice day for a white wedding

This weekend I got to watch my best friend walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life. Not only did I get to be present at such a lovely occasion but I also got to play a very special part … Bridesmaid!

Being part of a wedding party is such a privilege as I’m sure many of you will know. The day started early with meeting at her dads house to get ready. Pete was bringing both of the boys to the wedding so I had to make sure to have a whole days worth of supplies ready for him, as well as their super cute outfits (pic below)!

We enjoyed a glass of bubbly while listening to music and talking about her upcoming nuptials and becoming Mrs Thompson. There were tears; a combination of anticipation, excitement and sentimentality … along with the fact that my friend, the one I used to walk home from school with, the one I used to sneak into clubs with when we were underage, the one who was constantly by my side and back then, better than any boyfriend could have been – was going to be married!

photo 1-113

Such a crazy thought! I know I’m engaged, and we’re all grown up with kids and responsibilities but this was the first wedding, the first realisation that we really were big, grown up people.

Anyway enough of the gushy stuff. It was a full house, filled with bridesmaids, family, photographers, the hairdresser, the florist … luckily it was a pretty big house!

What we thought might drag actually flew by and before we knew it I was helping her into her dress and even putting on her garter!photo 2-111

The journey to the church ran smoothly and as soon as we saw the groom waiting outside the excitement got a little too much and tears did flow! Don’t worry, the bride and groom didn’t see each other; she was in the car behind with her dad and he made sure to be in the church before she arrived.

The ceremony was beautiful; not too long as I know some can be. It was simple yet really moving, and of course, tear jerking.

The bride realised she’d forgotten to put her earrings on half way through the ceremony; something that almost lifted the nerves and brought a bit of humour to the occasion.

After pictures and me cooing over how adorable the boys looked in their suits (I didn’t see them until after the ceremony as Pete ended up getting lost and missing it – whoops!) we headed to the venue – Marwell Hotel. You may know Marwell for it’s zoo, but rest assured this was far from zoo-like … apart from these little monkeys!photo 3-84

There were canopies and beautiful decor and what was fab was the play area outside to keep the kiddies entertained!

My parents were invited to the evening so it was lovely to share the occasion with them. It was also great for Pete to meet some of my friends partners … potential double dates I reckon!

The whole day was perfect, except for the bride getting overheated and having to run off to be sick during the wedding breakfast – well it makes for a funny story right!?

I even got a mention in the father of the brides speech … something about him always picking us up from town at the early hours of the morning and me telling him I love him … no details required haha

I enjoyed every minute of sharing my beautiful friends wedding and I can’t wait to share mine next year with the ones I love!

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    Awww I have only just seen this

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