Nappy Changing Essentials

As a first time muma with Jasper I found myself trying out loads of different products and before finding ‘the ones’. There are so many lotions and potions on the market and it can be pretty overwhelming with every brand telling you that their products are the best so I relied heavily on recommendations from friends, family and bloggers as well as simply trial and error. This time around with Jenson it was much easier. I simply went with my ‘ones’ from Jasper and so far they’ve all been a big hit. I thought it would be great to start sharing with you my favourites and staple products for daily routines and in this post I’ll be sharing our nappy changing essentials.dsc02690

Bepanthen barrier cream

Jenson is now 3 months old and has just started to need a bit of barrier cream. I know they say to use it as a preventative but I never wanted to put anything on him until I saw signs that I needed to. Last week his nappy area looked a bit red so I gave him a wipe down, let him have some no nappy time and then applied a thin layer of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. We used this every time Jasper had nappy rash as every other brand either didn’t help or smelt really strong and chemical-like. This one is so gentle that I’ve been using it daily with Jenson even though his nappy area isn’t red at all anymore. It’s also fab because it’s clear – no white or yellow stains with this one, it’s fragrance free and is so gentle that it can even be used on premature babies so with Jaspers sensitive skin I felt so reassured!dsc02691

Pampers nappies

We are a Pampers family through and through. This actually started with Rhys as his mum only used them and it ended up sticking through Jaspers nappy wearing days and now onto Jensons. They’re true to size, fit him comfortably and we never have any leaks! We also have the pleasure of being their brand ambassadors which means I get to work closely with the team, help to promote their new products and services and even got to visit their Research and Development centre in Germany!dsc02700

Pampers wipes

We never bothered with cooled boiled water and cotton wool this time around; we simply went onto wipes. These are really gentle and our favourite by far as I often find other brands to be too fragranced and some even fall apart as you get them out of the packet!dsc02698

Nappy bags

Of course I need to include nappy bags. Even when they’re only wee nappys and not poo nappies they can still kick off a bit of a smell so I always try and buy fragranced ones. I did try to save money once by buying them really cheap on Amazon but they were so thin that they ripped if they got stuck to the sticky tabs on the nappies and wipe packet and never kept the smell in.dsc02699

Wipe clean changing mat

With Jasper I started out with a non wipe clean mat which although had a beautiful pattern on it ended up needing to go in the washing machine a few times a week! A dark coloured wipe clean mat is the way to go and you can even get fab ones with storage on!dsc02697

Hand sanitiser

Last but by no means least – hand sanitiser! Having kids us parents are surrounded by germs all of the time but with said kids to look after we have every reason to be germ free; so I always use a hand sanitiser after nappy changes even if I wash my hands as well. The one I love is Aquaint as it kills 99.9% of bacteria and yet is completely safe to swallow! It’s gentle on sensitive skin and doesn’t need to be wiped off or rinsed so I also use it on Jensons dummies, Jaspers bottles and the boys hands and toys!dsc02692

What are your nappy changing essentials? Anything I need to pick up?

Thanks for reading!
Jess x

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