Mummy Pamper Time

Any other mumas feel a little like crap lately? Not just me? Didn’t think so.

It’s so easy for everyone to make all of these New Years resolutions – quit smoking, drink more water, go to the gym; and it’s great motivation to see everyone posting their success over on Facebook and Twitter; but I can’t help but not be surprised when after a couple of weeks the cracks begin to show. ‘Suppose to be healthy eating but hubby ordered me a McDonalds’, ‘I’m too hungover to go to the gym today’, ‘whoops, haven’t drunk any water today’ – you know the sort of statuses.

Now I’m not judging, not at all. I think it’s amazing for people to want to self improve and if they can’t stick to it then so what.  I can’t stick to New Years resolutions to an extent that I don’t even make them any more – aim low and avoid disappointment right!? However that doesn’t make me, or others for that matter, feel any better. I can wake up thirsty and plan to down a large glass of water as soon as I go downstairs but if Jaspy is teething, has done a poop and is feeling particularly clingy; well that glass of water can be put off till gone lunchtime!

I do find it tough to take care of myself. Jaspy is my priority and that does mean that the majority of the time my nails are chipped, my hair is frizzy and my health and fitness is probably the worst its ever been. Before having Jaspy I’d get my hair blow-dried on a weekly basis. My nails were done every other week along with my eyebrows and I went to the gym at least 5 times a week. I ate and drank healthily and what I miss the most – slept a lot!

But that was while living the life in baby free, tax free Dubai; with a tan … and a butt!

Anyway, anytime I get to have a quick pamper I literally jump at the chance. Tonight was one of those nights. Pete was out for drinks at our wedding venue, Rhys and Jaspy were snoozing away and I was up to date on all of my to-do’s.

I’ve recently been sent a few lovely pamper products so I thought I’d give them a go (still in a rush incase Jaspy woke up).

I love love love having a tan. I’ve not fake tanned since I was at University; especially not since living in Dubai. To me, fake tan means a funky smell, stained brown bra and walking around like John Wayne for 30 minutes before getting dressed. But my pale skin was driving me to distraction and making me look slightly ill; so I put a shout out on Twitter for the #bbloggers world’s recommendations. The lovely Liza Prideaux from Glambeauty’s suggested I try Cocoa Brown and wow am I pleased!

I didn’t have a mitt so I used my hands which would normally be pretty disastrous my amazingly I have no orange hands, no drip makes and no word patches.

The tan went on really smoothly, didn’t smell like fake tan and built a gradual tan that I didn’t need to rinse off – result!

I then had time to paint my nails, fingers only as Jaspy woke up before I got to my toes (I swear he knows). I used O.P.I mini Gwen Stephani set in the shade ‘Hey Baby’. I’m pretty sick of the Winter shades so wanted to get started on the lights and brights!


I know it probably seems really pathetic, but being able to fake tan and paint my nails means so much to me. It takes me from feeling really crappy to a little bit presentable. I know Pete doesn’t notice it; I don’t think anyone does but I always feel more confident with a layer of polish and a healthy glow!

Ooh I also managed a glass of wear and a set of 30 squats – come back butt!

How do you find time to pamper? If you only had a small amount of time what pampering would you do?

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