I’m the kind of person that needs a good spa break at least once a month. Some people need a good blow out, a night out on the town dancing away and drinking to feel like themselves and relieve the stress of a hectic week. Others need to get their hair done, go for a wax or have a shopping spree to feel good and have a bit of me-time. For me though, fine dining, breakfast in bed and a day of massages and laying by the pool is what centres me. Smelling essential oils, listening to the sounds of water running, looking out at a glistening pool past my pool slipper adorning feet is what helps me to not only relax and unwind but gather my thoughts and block out all of the stresses of life.

I used to see spa days and breaks as a treat, something for hen dos and birthdays, something I’d save for, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that it’s so much more of a necessity for my personality and lifestyle. That’s not me being a dick at all by the way, I just mean that I’m so much better at being a mum, a wife, a blogger and just generally a functioning person when I get that down time, just like many people are better when they’ve had a good old night out with their friends or some retail therapy. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy those things but if I could choose to spend £800 a month going all out at a spa rather than a couple of nights out and a few shopping trips I would, every time.

I now spend my me-time money on what really makes me happy, what I don’t regret. I used to always wake up regretting how much I’d spent and drank on a night out, how unhealthy I then felt. I knew half of my Primark haul purchases were a total waste of money and would end up in the charity bag even to the point where I’d be handing over my card trying to convince myself I was doing the right thing. I can safely say though that I have never gotten home after a spa break, whether it be a £100 Groupon deal or a £1000 luxury break and felt regret. It does so much for my soul I can’t even describe, so, I made a pact with myself to do this once a month or I have failed at life! So far this year I’m doing okay, right now I’m laying by the lap pool at Limewood Hotel and Spa and it is just heaven.

Limewood is a five star luxury hotel and spa set in the New Forest, just footsteps away from my favourite spot in the world – Boltons Bench and a stones throw from the quaint little village of Lyndhurst. It’s a grand house of the upmost luxury and style with a really laid back vibe. I arrived feeling stressed with my mind going at a hundred miles an hour and I left feeling the healthiest, most relaxed and as odd as it sounds, cleanest I’ve felt in a long time. DSC07393

We stayed in the main house with its cosy interior and giant marble bathtub. Our room was wonderful, sleek and sophisticated, there was lavender oil left at turn down, a mini bar stocked full of goodies and a breathtaking view. The bathroom was stocked with Bamford products which are the bomb so I enjoyed a scrumptious bath in the huge tub whilst enjoying the views of the rolling hills and a sip of champagne. DSC07386 DSC07389DSC07378

Although our room was incredible there’s certainly more luxurious accommodation on offer in the form of their crescents and cottages which we will definitely be trying out next time!

The grounds

Set across 6 acres of land the grounds are absolutely stunning. We had a lovely afternoon stroll after our spa day and had we not had to get back early for the boys we could have spent so much longer exploring. There was a smoke house where they cure their own meat, bee hives, a quaint little pond and a Victorian greenhouse which was oh so instagrammable! There were so many spots to stop and take in the fresh air / take a picture including the trellis arches, benches nestled amongst the trees perfect for a spot of silence and this giant swing!

DSC07430 DSC07431 DSC07473DSC07465 DSC07461 DSC07444 DSC07441DSC07350

My absolute favourite spot had to be the rooftop herb garden. Perfectly maintained and like something from a fairy tale the herb garden is home to all sorts of scrumptious flavours such as chocolate mint and apple mint! With views of the New Forest and a glass bottom looking down into the lap pool it really was a slice of heaven!

DSC07406 DSC07407 DSC07408 DSC07409 DSC07410DSC07404

The bar

We arrived late on our first day so we headed straight to the bar which at a glance was gorgeous but what we didn’t realise was that the glass ceiling was actually retractable and the bar area in fact turned into a courtyard! We didn’t get to experience this as the weather was a bit rubbish but I could just imagine sipping my tea with the sunshine beaming in – heaven!

The bar was very stylish with a marble top and the staff were incredible. I’m all about the service and I loved sitting back watching Pete learn all about the history behind certain drinks whilst we were given samples to try and I even had a signature cocktail made.

DSC07334DSC07343 DSC07349 DSC07342DSC07351

The food

Oh my goodness, this is something I think I’ll rave about for a long time. The restaurant Harnett, Holder & Co has the coolest interior with the most relaxed vibe. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect. We enjoyed three courses of Italian inspired goodness plus a starter of these insane risotto balls that I could have ordered a load more of to take home with me! DSC07335 DSC07337 DSC07338 DSC07340

We had breakfast in bed which didn’t disappoint. We made our selection the night before and left our card on the door as who wants to wake up and get dressed for breakfast when on a spa break! We had the usual selection of orange juice, muesli, toast etc but then we ordered spiced smashed avocado with poached eggs and sourdough and it was delicious! DSC07379

For lunch we ate in the Raw and Cured bar which served all natural and healthy food. I had some awesome dishes I can’t remember the name of, but look – how scrummy! I also tried a couple of their juices and now I totally want to get into juicing, I’m feeling so inspired to get healthy!

DSC07422 DSC07423 DSC07424

The spa

Of course, the whole reason we took our trip to Limewood, besides having a full night sleep and no early morning toddler wake ups – the spa! Limewood’s Herb House Spa is the height of Luxury and has to be up there with my top spas ever! There’s an infinity jet pool overlooking the forest, an outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by walled gardens and a sauna – again, over looking the forest which was just incredible! We both had a full body massage and I have never had so many knots popped in my neck  I honestly felt like a new woman! We also opted for the private mud house where you first scrub yourselves (or each other) with Himalayan salt and then apply the mud. You then sit whilst the dry heat drys the mud onto you and then the wet heat loosens it again for you to massage it in. Finally the showers turn on and you can wash it all away, left with the silkiest of skin!

DSC07390DSC07415 DSC07411 DSC07402 DSC07403 DSC07395

The spa uses a lot of Bamford products like in the hotel rooms and I just fell in love with them. They use my favourite scent – geranium and all of the ingredients are natural and organic which was news to my ears as I’m currently making the switch to all natural products. I ended up buying the shampoo, conditioner and facial oil which all smell so good!

We had he most wonderful time at Limewood and will certainly be back in the very near future; I’m already planning two trips back with my mum and friends! There was so much that we didn’t get to see due to time restrictions so next time I’ll certainly be booking into their cooking school and exploring more of the grounds!

If you’re looking for a spot of luxury nestled in the New Forest then this is certainly the place for you,

Thanks for having us Limewood … until next time,

Jess x

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