Minimalism – why, how and what I hope to gain

Quite often I upload a video to my Youtube channel and just assume that it’s reached anyone who also reads my blog. I always link my videos to the right hand sidebar but it only shows 3 videos at a time and if you don’t visit my site for a while they’re gone from my blog altogether. Usually it doesn’t bother me when it comes to daily vlogs and things like that but at the moment I’m sharing a pretty big journey over on my channel and I really want to make sure that you guys get to share it with me too … if you’d like to that is?

After a tough 2016 I set myself some 2017 goals which you can see here; and one of them, my main one, was to start up minimalism. Now when you think of minimalism you may think of the extreme; living with the bare minimum, however minimalism really is down to the individual. Yes there are those who have 50 belongings to their name and honestly I think that’s fantastic – it takes a great deal of strength to live that way; however with a family of 5 I knew that just wouldn’t be realistic for us.

I didn’t want an empty home or empty cupboards; my goal was simple, to have only things in my life that I want, love and need; and I’m well on my way to achieving this. See for me I have two goals; my short term goal which is to declutter my home, ridding my house of anything that we no longer want, love or need; and my long term goal – to rid our lives of anything we no longer want, love or need.

I say short term but I guess that isn’t really accurate; it’s something I plan to do in the short term, starting with it; but I plan to continue it on into the long term if that makes sense? I put the latter as my long term goal as I know it’s going to take a bit more time and will probably be more of a knock on effect from decluttering our home.

I figure that having less things and a clearer space will help us to not only feel happier and less crowded and stressed from the mess but it will also make our lives easier. I hope it will make the morning routines quicker because we wont spend as much time trawling through clothes we don’t wear to find the ones that we do. We won’t be rooting through cupboards to find food that we like, because everything in there will be things that we like.

I also hope it will make us spend more time as a family; not only because we’ll be spending less time tidying but because we’ll have less things to distract us. Really my ultimate goal is for us to be happier and more relaxed and I know that minimalism will be a great help in this.

So my journey is well underway at the time of writing this; I’d say I’ve minimalised 80% of my home and have only our living room, dining room and Jensons nursery left to do. I decided to do it room by room not only to give you guys some tips and tricks but also to push me to finish what I’m starting! I’ve already benefitted so much from this and I can honestly say this journey has been life changing! I will post about how it’s changed my life in a separate blog post but for now I thought I’d just give you guys a little heads up in case you haven’t seen my videos yet. I do talk a lot more in detail about why I started, what I planned to achieve and how I did it so please do check out my video below and of course subscribe to stay tuned for all of my other videos 🙂

Have you tried minimalism?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x


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