Baby Yoga with Pampers

When I lived in Dubai I loved to do Bikram yoga. Hot yoga whilst already in 50 degree heat may sound crazy but surprisingly it was amazing! There was no refreshing hit of cold air as you left the class but as long as I didn’t stand up too quickly or make any sudden movements I was fine! haha

I haven’t had time to go to classes since having Jasper, especially as I had a wedding to plan and houses to move to, but I do like to take a bit of time out to zen and stretch; especially as life has been more than stressful lately!

As Jasper,  the oh so inquisitive one is now into everything *pulls hair out* I’ve found it better to just embrace his participation and try to make it productive for the both of us rather than let him crawl over me whilst I throw toys in the opposite direction for him to fetch!

There are so so many benefits for bambinos to do yoga, not only for down time and relaxation but it can also aid a number of issues including constipation, colic and sleep problems.

Now I’m not saying that my 16 month old ‘ooms’ for 30 minutes straight, switching from downward dog to salutation with ease; that would be blady fantastic but no.  He’s at the age of copying though and loves watching me move him around especially when I sing along. He thinks it’s like, Rhyme time – winning!

The Pampers team have developed a wonderful yoga routine by a qualified baby yoga expert; which allows you to practise your moves in the comfort of your own home. It is oh so fun for adult and baby alike; not to mention the move names are adorable!

So there are two routines, one for lying babies and another for sitters. They both have ten moves in each and each move has different benefits for bambino. Now I won’t go into all of them; if you’d like me to do a more in-depth post about the moves or a video then leave a comment below and I’ll rustle one up; but for now I thought I’d share some of my favourites!

Rainbow: Simulate raindrops falling on your baby with light finger touch, then a rainbow comes out! Place your fingers in your babies hands, hide your face behind and open the arms out to the side – peek-a-boo!

Bee: Babies are very sensitive to touch and vibrations. hum on your baby’s abdomen or crown – this will be very calming and can act as a distraction when they’re unhappy.

Fish: Roll baby gently down your legs, first roll them towards you keeping eye contact and then roll them down to your feet.


A few tips:

*Make sure baby isn’t hungry or tired

*Keep good eye contact


*Never force the movements against baby

*Put baby in something comfortable and non-restrictive. Jaspy enjoyed wearing his ‘Jasper’ vest and Pampers active fit nappies!

yogi2 yo

If you give baby yoga a go then please do link up your pictures or videos below, I’d love to see!


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