Mess-free Messy Play with Rhys

Today I had such a lovely (yet extremely tiring) day with my 2 favourite boys – Rhys and Jasper.

As you might already know, Rhys stays with us Wednesday nights and Saturday nights. As Pete works during the week, Thursdays were mine and his fun days but once I had Jasper I found it too difficult to have a newborn and a 1 year old all day. I was just knackered and even though my mum came round to help me out I still found it too much. We decided to put Rhys into nursery where my niece and nephew go. We wanted him to socialise with other kiddies and knew it would be more fun for him there than at home with a hormonal new mum and a newborn baby.

Anyway, our days with Rhys are changing now to alternating Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday and Sunday nights. I think this arrangement is starting next week so we cancelled his nursery at the end of June. This meant that we had one Thursday together before we start our news days so I got to spend the whole day with the little dude and my how I’d missed him! My mum did come over for the bulk of the day as having 2 in nappies, Rhys who needs rocking off to sleep for his nap and Jasper who has zero routine, a heat rash, and doesn’t know whether he wants boob or bottle; can be exhausting.

Me and Rhys had loads of fun, dancing, reviewing his new toys and playing out in the garden. One of the activities we did which he really enjoyed was playing with the ModelAir that Viking Direct sent 1-102

The modelling material is really soft and squidgy – so it was fab for Rhys’s dexterity development and motor skills.

photo 2-100

Apart from the bits that got under his nails, there was no mess. The material doesn’t stain, stick to clothes or crumble.

photo 3-75

photo 4-62

We had lots of fun squishing, rolling and pinching the material and while Rhys was mixing the different colours together I made a few little creations – not bad if I don’t say so myself!

photo 5-45

It was really nice to be able to sit down one to one with Rhys and actually do an activity rather than just playing with his toys. I’ll definitely make sure that we make time for this kind of thing a lot more often!


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