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One question that I get asked A LOT; is how I make time for me. This is something I’m not sure I’m particularly qualified to answer as I’m the worst at prioritising myself over kids, husband, housework, work etc but it’s something I do know the answer to. I know what I need to do, how to do it and when, it’s just that sometimes I know I could edit one more vlog rather than have a bubble bath or I could take Jasper to the park rather than get my nails done and it can be hard to justify putting yourself first.

1) Do one thing for you EVERYDAY. Of course it can be more than one, but for those of us that struggle, aim for just the one, small but effective thing. It doesn’t have to be a three hour long bubble bath or a trip to the salon but something quick and easy to bring you back to your zone. Complete your daily skincare routine, do 10 minutes of meditation while baby naps or paint your nails while watching KUWTK. Go to bed 20 minutes earlier to play a game of online bingo, finish that last blog post and then allow yourself a quick 10 minute browse on ASOS; whatever it is, make sure it’s something you enjoy and something that will make you feel happy/calm/excited … positive.

2) Make lists. I would probably use this point on any form of advice giving that I give, whether it be work related, cleaning related – lists are always the solution. Make lists of your tasks you need to do and after every three pop in a positive task. Are your nails particularly chipped today? Then add a little DIY manicure after you’ve loaded the dishwasher, called the bank and replied to those emails. Are you feeling exhausted from a sleepless night? Schedule in a bubble bath after you’ve taken bambini to the park, hoovered and prepped dinner.

3) Keep social. I am THE WORST for this. I can go weeks without seeing some of my best friends. I know that we have those great kinds of friendships where you could go months without a meet up and it’s like you’ve seen each other the day before but it doesn’t make it okay. I’m too quick to say ‘maybe next week, I have a lot of work on’ or ‘ I’m going to have an early night, Jasper was a terror the night before’. Arrange play dates but also arrange girls nights; even if it’s just a takeaway and a DVD at home. Plan date nights, meet friends for coffee. Allow yourself adult conversation, the ability to wear a white top without risk of sticky fingerprints and pop some lippy on!

4) Be productive. This goes hand in hand with list making. Once you know what you need to do – DO IT! Get up and go to play group even if you’re tired; stop off and do your food shopping even if you just want to go home. Get the things you need to do done and you’ll have more time and less stress. You won’t go to bed mulling over all the things you should have done that day but instead you’ll go to bed with a clear mind, excited for what ‘me time’ treats you can add into your next day.

5) Let go of the guilt – You are allowed to have ‘you time’. You’re a super woman. Whether you work, stay at home or work from home, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you fill your days doing countless things for other people. As much as I preach that lists and productivity are key, I know that there are day when things don’t get done. There are lazy, unproductive, can’t get out of bed days. That isn’t a weakness, it’s a sign of a tired muma in need of ‘me time’. A happy muma is a happy home and we owe it to ourselves and our families to be relaxed and refreshed.

6) Accept help. Last but not least, if your mother or mother in law offers to take a load of your washing home to do, or your neighbour brings over a yummy cottage pie for your tea; with a huge grin on your face say ‘YES’. My mum is a superhero for this; she always accidentally picks up too many steaks at the supermarket or handily has an empty washing machine at home ready for my clothes to go in. This just frees up a little time for me to recoup and recharge and of course makes me feel so loved and appreciated.


Well that’s how I find time for me; how do you find yours?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x


  • Dianne
    17th February 2016 at 1:01 pm Reply

    Oooh I do love being called a “superhero” x

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