Something that I struggle with now that Jenson is a little bit bigger (okay a lot bigger … he’s a chunk) is getting him in and out of his rearward facing car seat when it’s in the car. I also find it difficult to lift him inside his carseat in and out of the car because he’s just gotten so heavy. Jasper’s at the stage now where I can simply undo his seatbelt and he’ll climb out but if he’s asleep and I want him to stay that way; it’s also really tough getting him out of the car from a forward facing angle. We have a Range Rover so we have a lot of space but there’s something about lifting a (surprisingly heavy) miniature human out of a forward or backward facing seat at an angle that really hurts my back. This is where the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus carseat comes in.

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus is a baby and toddler carseat that can be used from birth to approximately 4 years or 105cm in length (whichever comes first). Your child can be rearward facing from newborn to 87cm in length and then the seat can be swivelled to forward facing mode until they reach the maximum age/length. It retails at £395 and comes in a range of colours including Robin Red, Nomad Green, Concrete Grey which is the same as our Pebble Plus car seat and Raven Black which is what we were sent.


The main features

360° seat rotation to make getting your little one in and out of the car oh so easy

ISOFIX system which not only makes installing the carseat super easy but also exceptionally safe

Complies with the latest i-Size car seat regulation (R129)

Offers rear-facing travel up to approximately 2 years (87cm) for extra head and neck support


The carseat comes fully assembled which is always a massive bonus for me as admittedly I’m not the best at putting things together! There’s minimal packaging as well which I really love; I can’t stand layers of polystirene and fiddly ties and of course the less packaging the better for the environment ( and fewer trips to the tip).

The carseat itself looks super stylish and oh so snuggly! It’s larger than our Pebble Plus and slightly heavier but that’s because of the base which has an ISOFIX installation system with 360 degree rotation.



The carseat took no time to install in our car. The seat has simple step by step illustrated instructions on the side but also comes with an easy to read instruction manual. It was simply a case of slotting the two ISOFIX arms into the ISOFIX points of the car and you know these are securely anchored in as the two indicators show green. Then for added security there is a third installation point, the top tether which goes over the backseat and hooks onto the bar in the boot. You pull the strap to adjust it accordingly and when the buckle shows green you’re all set!


The seat

The carseat swivels 360 degrees not only to make it easy to get your little one in and out of the car, but also to allow your child to be rearward and forward facing. Rearward facing mode can be used from birth, and being that the carseat is iSize your child needs to be rearward facing up to at least 15 months of age. From then it’s your choice whether you want to turn them to forward facing, however it’s much safer to keep them rearward facing for as long as possible; which in the case of the AxissFix Plus, is 87cm or approximately 2 years old.

The seat comes with a soft snug inlay to be used from newborn (45cm) up to 60cm which is approx 4 months. It has memory foam properties, making it not only amazingly comfortable but also shock absorbent, so the best level of support and safety. The back panel keeps babies back straight and their airways nice and open. The inlay is easily removable so when your little one reaches the recommended age/length, you can simply take it out to accommodate them to stay rearward facing from 61cm to 87cm in length.

We started using this carseat when Jenson was around 3 months old but being that he’s quite a tall boy we removed the inlay after a week or so. He’s now 4 1/2 months old and happily snug without it.


The seat has 4 reclining positions taking your baby from sitting to sleeping mode; perfect for longer car journeys! This is adjusted by pulling the lever underneath the front centre of the seat and pulling the seat to the desired position.


The harness is a 5 point system which can be loosened via pressing the soft button between the legs and pulling the harness the desired amount. Once baby is comfortably strapped in you simply tighten the harness by pulling the strap between their legs. From experience I’ve always preferred 3 point harnesses because they’re easier to use however the shoulder and waist straps on this 5 point harness are actually joint at the buckle, meaning it’s as quick and simply to do up as a 3 point! What’s handy is that it can be undone single handedly with a press of the red button – perfect for a muma trying to juggle her changing bag, car keys and a wriggly baby at the same time!


The harness has shoulder, belt and crotch pads for added comfort and the seat has two smart belt hooks to which you can hook the harness, keeping the straps out of the way while you place your little one in the carseat. The backs of the straps are rubberised making them anti slip and harder for your little one to wriggle around in.


The headrest has 7 heights to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your little one, and this is easily adjusted via the push clasp at the back of the headrest. All you need to do is squeeze it in and pull the headrest up to the desired height. dsc03328

Using the 360 feature

Switching the seat from rearward to forward facing takes two simple steps. The first is to slide the button on the central selection dash board to either rearward or forward facing mode. You then need to pull the lever at the side of the seat (left or right depending on which side of the car you have it installed) and that swivels the carseat around.


You’ll hear a click when the seat is firmly in position. The carseat also has a tension belt attaching it to the base which keeps it nice and stable when using the rotation feature.


These are the same steps to take if you just want to turn the carseat 90 degrees to the door to get them in or out of the seat.

How we got on

Installing the carseat was super easy and I love that I can simply look at the indicators and see that they’re green to know the base is still firmly in position. Popping Jenson in the carseat is really easy especially when I use the harness hooks to keep it out of the way. It’s easily adjustable and Jenson seems to know when I recline him all the way – it’s time to sleep!

The 360 swivel has made putting him in and out of the carseat so much easier on my back which was becoming a real problem for me!

Jasper has even used the carseat in forward facing mode as he is coming up to 3 years now, I simply had to adjust the headrest height and the harness. This was a life saver one time when Pete dropped Jasper to nursery and accidentally took his carseat to work with him; luckily Mum watched Jenson for me and I picked Jasper up using Jensons seat.

The only thing I find annoying about the seat is that if Jenson falls asleep in it I can’t just carry it in the house to let him snooze; I have to take him out which usually wakes him up.


The 360 swivel feature saves your back when putting your little one in and out of the carseat

It can now be used from birth

There’s no need to upgrade to the next size up carseat when your little one reaches 87cm in length

The hold open hooks make putting your little one in the carseat even easier

The cover is detachable and washable – perfect for dribbly and sicky babies

The base couldn’t be safer with not only the ISOFIX system but the addition tether feature



Your child can’t  rear face up to 4 years which some parents might prefer

It’s not a portable seat to use on a travel system or to carry in the house if bambino is sleeping

It doesn’t have a pocket/ cup holder built in (Jasper loves to stores toys in his usually) but this is an accessory you can purchase



There are a few accessories you can get to go with the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus car seat:


If you’d like to learn more about the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus carseat or would like to buy one for you little one then head over to the Maxi-Cosi website. They have a demo video, faq’s and can even tell you if you have a compatible car.


What carseat do you have? Would you go for a 360?

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

*We were send this carseat for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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