Family holiday to Mallorca – Holiday Village Resort

We’ve just gotten back from the most wonderful mini break away to Mallorca, Spain and I’m already feeling the holiday blues. I’ve travelled there a lot in the past 10 months, to Pollenca, Palma and Portals for our babymoon; and every time I go I fall more in love with the island.

This time we took the kids (yes I’ve been very fortunate to have a few baby-free holidays so far) and we stayed at the Holiday Village in Cala Millor. We also treated Petes parents to come along and then they brought our niece so it ended up being a nice little family affair. The last time we travelled abroad with the boys was when we went to the Holiday Village in Rhodes a year ago and the boys were so tiny, so it was really exciting/nerve-wrecking to see how they’d be on the flight and just abroad in general.

Well the boys were a dream. Apart from the odd bit of threenager attitude and parrot style copying from a certain 2 year old, they were so well behaved. The flight out there was full of excitement, they slept amazingly (lie in till 9am kind of amazingly and they were just so content spending their days splashing around in the awesome splash pool.

It’s a pretty picture heavy blog post and I’ll be editing the vlog soon so I won’t go into too much detail but here are some of the highlights of our trip:

Accommodation: We stayed in a suite so me and Pete had our own bedroom and the boys each had a single sofa bed in the living area. We were expecting a pull out double sofa but having two single sofas meant we could put bed guards on them and the boys got a good niiht sleep each. I had visions of Jasper climbing all over Rhys in the night if they’d shared so it worked well!

Food: There was a great buffet in the mornings, including everything from a fry up, cereals, toasts, fruits, yoghurt, crepes and loads more. Jasper ate so much fruit and Rhys lived off sausages and hash browns so they always got a good start to the day. We tended to get snacks from the pool bar for lunch as it would have been tough to drag the boys away from the pool, so this usually consisted of chicken nuggets, chips and fruit. Then for dinner we only ate in the main restaurant once as we booked into the aiter service themed restaurants the other nights. There was an Indian, Mexican and Italian restaurant which were all fab!

Drinks and ice cream were all inclusive too, and they had waiters bringing soft drinks round by the pool which for me and the kids was perfect (Pete simply headed the the beer on tap).

Kids entertainment: The Holiday Village has lots of pools but as the water was quite cold and neither of the boys can swim on their own we found it so much more relaxing to set up by the knee high splash pool. I could semi-relax with them running in and out, filling up plastic cups and watering cans and squirting each other with water guns and I didn’t have to get freezing if I wanted to go in with them. There was also an undercover pool which was warm-ish so we did go in there for Rhys to show of his swimming skills ( although Jasper clung to me like a koala and kept asking to get out). As well as the pools was a kind of park with lots of water sprays and fountains for the kids to run through but on tarmac which was pretty cool.

We didn’t try out the kids club as we were only there for 5 days and didn’t see the point as the boys were having so much fun occupying themselves; but they had so many activities on from cooking classes, messy play, movie nights and general play sessions.  They also had swimming lessons, go karts, zorbing and so much more. If we were there for longer we’d have really tried it all out.

The evening entertainment was fab for the kids too. They call it Live and Loud and have set characters called the Widgets; Jasper just loved dancing along and watching them – Rhys preferred trips to the popcorn machine.

Adult entertainment: Me and Pete had lovely treatments in the spa while his parents watched the boys. I went for a face, head and neck massage and he had a 70 minute facial (such a pampered pooch). We also got to chill out in the spa facilities which were fab, including different shower rooms and jacuzzis.

After the kids evening entertainment there was adult entertainment, well it was for all the family. This included singing acts, dancing, game shows etc. We only saw this a couple of nights as the others we put the boys to bed and sat on the balcony with a bottle of wne for Pete and a cuppa for me.

They also had a great relaxation pool which although kids could use, never had any kids around and had lovely four poster sunbeds and a jacuzzi. The water was as cold as the main pools but it was nice for me and Pete to got there to relax while his parents watched the boys.

Weather: It was around 24-27 degrees throughout the duration of the trip. We had the odd cloudy moments, mainly in the mornings but other than that the weather was just beautiful!  It was the perfect time to go with kids as back in March it was probably chillier than I’d like (locals wearing coats and hats while we were in swimwear), and back in June and August when I went last year it would probably have been a little too hot for the boys and my brewing bump.

I hope you love the pictures and please do stay tuned for the vlog. It’ll go live on my Youtube channel over the next few days so make sure to be subscribed so that you don’t miss it 🙂
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Thanks for reading,

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