How to make a DIY vase from an empty beer bottle!

I love crafting (in case you didn’t realise) and I especially love when it doesn’t cost you a penny! I was hunting around the house for inspiration but apart from the contents of my craft boxes and some old clothes I could use the material from, I came up empty. That is until I took the rubbish out and was faced with the 2 boxes full of empty beer bottles from Pete. FYI this collection has accumulated over time, he’s not an alcoholic. I have moaned a few times about when he’s going to drop them at the bottle bank or even put them out for collection, but this time I was struck by inspiration!

I’d seen some really cool DIY vase ideas on Pinterest using old jars and bottles and decided this was my chance to get creative and clear some of the clutter! I went with a desperado as it was colourless and I quite like the writing on the side!beer bottleI started by cleaning out the beer bottle, I didn’t fancy a whiff of beer every time I walked past the finished vase! I used an ivory paint by Dulux as I already had it from some previous DIY stuff and I thought it would go with most colour schemes and accessories!

photo 2-2I used a spoon to transfer the paint into the bottle. I’m going to make a funnel for the next one as I did end up getting some drips on the outside (which wiped off easily) and it probably could have been done a little bit quicker.

I then twisted the bottle round upside down slowly so that the paint moved around inside the bottle and covered the whole bottle on the inside!

I had a little bit of paint left inside so i simply tipped that back into the paint tin for the next one!

I then left the bottle upside down on a couple of layers of kitchen roll outside to dry overnight (luckily it wasn’t a rainy night!)

photo 1-3

Once it was dry I added some string round the base and popped in a flower to make it loo all pretty!

I have a few birthdays coming up so I’m going to experiment with string patterns, dipping the bottle in coloured glitters and maybe adding some twigs?

Do you have any ideas for beer bottle vases, I’d love to hear them?





  • Archie
    24th February 2014 at 1:45 pm Reply

    I сould not refrain from commenting. Well wгitten!

  • spiritual awakening
    3rd May 2016 at 4:39 am Reply

    thanks for sharing

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