How to make bath time simpler

Bath time can be a stressful time. It’s fun, and cute, don’t get me wrong; but it can also be a tad stressful!

I like order and tidiness and a calm baby; not dirty clothes on the floor, a wet carpet and a cold, hungry, crying baby; so when it comes to bath time I like to have a plan!

I’ve posted before about our routine of bath, massage, bottle and bed but here are some top tips for keeping your cool at bath time and having fun with bambino without drenching the floor!

1- Have everything you need at hand

If you follow a similar bath, massage, bottle then bed routine then have everything within easy reach.

Don’t realise you’ve left bambino’s towel downstairs or that his baby wash is in the other bathroom once he’s already in the tub. I won’t do the ‘never leave your baby in the bath’ preacher thing but, well, Ok I just did!

Also don’t leave bambino waiting while you hunt for their baby lotion or clothes. Make your life easier and have everything you need within your grasp, that way bath time can be relaxing for you too … seriously it can!

2 – Be prepared

If you give your baby a bottle after his bath then boil the kettle first while you prep his bath. Pop the bathmat in before you fill up the tub, it can be much trickier getting a mat or seat to stay put with a full tub and wriggly baby.

Have a clean nappy and pj’s laid out ready to put on after. Pop these next to their changing mat along with any nappy balm or massage lotions. I still use the Tushi Stick for Jaspy’s bum and Tiddley Pom set for his massage.


Make sure his bed is ready and waiting. I lay out his Gro Bag sleep bag in his cot and pop in his rabbit comforter and Tranquil Turtle night light so that I can pop him in there once he’s milked-up!

Have a towel handy in the bathroom for bambino, the last thing you want is a wet slippery bambino getting cold while you try to find them a towel! Babies also loose heat much quicker than us adults so they need to be wrapped up as soon as they get out of the bath.

Once everything’s prepped, make bambino’s bottle and cool it in the bathroom sink while you give them their bath.  This should time perfectly with their bath, massage and getting dressed.


3- Clean as you go

To save my sanity, I put Jaspy’s dirty nappy straight into the bin and his clothes in the wash bin outside the bathroom door as I take them off.

Before I pull the plug out I pop all of his bath toys back into the basket which is right next to the bath. This just means that after I put him to bed I can relax .

4 – Be comfortable

If like me you get a bad back and killer knees from sitting on the floor why not pop a folded towel on the floor to kneel on. I’m yet to find something meant for this purpose but if you know of anything please let me know! A mummy bath time knee support of sorts!

Periodically straighten your back. I’m terrible for slouching so I do this and it doesn’t mean I pay any less attention or move further away from the little man.

5 – Save your shirt

You know how you hold the towel under your chin giving yourself an unatractive double chin? Did you know that you don’t need to do that anymore?

My good friend Lucie gave me this incredible Cuddledry towel for Jaspy’s baby shower and it is quite frankly – the bomb! I even used it in one of Jaspy’s Johnsons’s videos (not live yet).


It poppers around your neck so that it’s attached to you at all times and then has a little hood to pop over bubbas head to keep them warm. He’s getting a little tall for it now which kind of leaves me a little strangled when he straightens out so I’ve started to use the one below too.

6 – Keep those tootsies warm

If like Jasper your bambino is a wriggler and always manages to get their toes out of the towel then why not try something like the Cocoon Towel from The Little Green Sheep*. Of course I love it because it’s organic but what’s really handy about it is that it has both a hood for baby’s head and a pouch for their feet.


Now Jaspy is probably the BEST tester for this and even he couldn’t wriggle his feet free … must be a winner!


Haha he’s trying his hardest to get free in the above pic! Look at that determination double chin!

It also has a little hook for hanging it up and making it easier to dry and get hold of for next time!


7 – No tears tiny tot

If your babba is one for splashing around and, like Jasper, opening his eyes under water (freaky) and swallowing it, then stick to a bubble bath that’s gentle and organic.



We mainly use the Tiddley Pom organic baby wash but while staying at my parents we tried him on the Pure Adore Shampoo and Body wash.


It’s organic but unfortunately left Jaspy a little rashy so it’s back to Tiddley Pom for us! (I’ll never be disloyal again haha).



So there you have it, my top tips for a happy bath time! I’d love to hear yours as of course we do still have the odd soaked muma/crying baba combo!

Thanks for reading xx


  • Dianne
    27th September 2014 at 8:29 pm Reply

    Why not try a gardening kneeling pad to kneel down on. Waterproof and padded x

    • Jessica
      30th September 2014 at 2:16 pm Reply

      Ooh good idea Muma! Thanks 🙂

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