Our little bambinos are the biggest investments we will ever make; not only financially but time wise, emotionally and physically.

I always see these savings bonds that you can start adding to now so that your little one will have financial security when they are older and of course me and Pete will be doing this, but I want to look at other things that I can do now to contribute to my children’s future.

There are the obvious, teaching your baby right and wrong, educating them on manners, broadening their horizons etc etc but I came across this wonderful idea through social media and I just wanted to share it!


How wonderful would that be? I guess it’s similar to what I’m doing now, blogging about my pregnancy for Rabbit to see when he’s older; but this idea would be solely for him.

I could start now on Rhys’ and add in all of the lovely pictures and memories we have plus funny stories and experiences. It’s kind of like a virtual memory jar!

It would be lovely to see the laughter, the cringing and the recognition across Rhys and Rabbits faces when they read all about their lives from tiny tot to teenager, and quite emotional too I’m sure!

What ways are you investing in your child’s future?

Thanks for reading xxx