Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

As a busy muma the phrase ‘last minute’ props up probably too often in my life. I like things to be quick and easy but of course the sentimental control freak in me also likes for my gifts to be appreciated and shown to be thoughtful and from the heart.

I thought I’d share with you some of the cool last minute Fathers Day gift ideas that I’ve come across while browsing for treats for Pete and my Dad. What’s fab is you still have time to get any of these, they’re all pretty awesome and thoughtful and some of them literally don’t cost a thing!


Smartbox by Buyagift – £49.99

They say it’s the experiences in life that we remember not the material things but sometimes is tough to decide on exactly what experiences your other half would like to try. I personally wouldn’t want to just book Pete a bungee jump without knowing for certain he wouldn’t freak out at the top or a shark dive only to find out he’s terrified of fish.

The Smartbox is a fab idea as it’s packed full of experiences in a handy little book that your partner can browse through and book when they choose. You pay a set price (£49.99) and that entitles them to any ONE of the experiences included. They’re dotted all over the UK and include some amazing experiences from skydiving and supercar driving to pamper sessions in mens salons and gansta tours. There are two types, the Action Adventure and the Perfect Gift for him, each with hundred of experiences to choose from; some of which are for two so you can join in too!

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Image source – Buy a Gift


Daddy and me activity tokens
This idea can be adapted in so many ways, it’s so cost-friendly but really thoughtful too! I found the idea on Not on the highstreet but there’s nothing stopping you from making it yourself with an empty jar and pieces of paper for the tokens.

Fill a jar with fun activities for Dad to do with his little ones, you can go for big daddy/child dates like soft play, park visits and going out for ice cream or it can be silly little bursts of fun like pulling funny faces, making a den and singing a song.

It could be part of their ritual, taking it in turns to choose one; having their set day of the week to do an activity together or simply going through them all in one go for hours of fun!


Image source – Not on the highstreet


Dads Toolbox

This is the perfect last minute Fathers Day gift idea; it’s especially great for someone who’s difficult to buy for like my Dad who when asked will always just say ‘get me socks’. Use a basket or cardboard box and fill it with goodies for Dads perfect night in. In Pete’s case it would be beer, a voucher for his favourite curry house, the xbox controller and a tub of ice-cream. Tell him you’ll take over the bed time routine or take the kids out for a few hours so he can have his dad-time.


Image source – Pinterest


Pre-made hamper

As wonderful as it is to make a mini hamper or ‘toolbox’ yourself, it’s also lovely to let the experts take over the reigns and create something that little bit extra special for the Dad in your life. Caprera creates lovely hampers using independent artisan producers that you can have tailor made to suit your recipients tastes. They include meats, cheeses, confectionary, beverages, seasonings, oils and loads more; plus there are a hsot of themed ones to choose from including ones for BBQ lovers, spice lovers, best of British, Afternoon tea and more. They average around £50 per hamper or you could get them a gift card to choose their own. This also makes for a fab date night and a chance for mum to get a meal cooked for them – result!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.39.10

Image source – Caprera


Voucher book

Now this is one you have to commit to as they will hold you to it for a long time I’m sure!

Buy a plain notepad and fill the pages with personalised vouchers from the kids (and from you if you’re feeling extra kind). You could also find a free printable if you’re stuck for ideas or not feeling too crafty – this one below is from Pinterest.

Include things like:

‘Breakfast in bed’, ‘Bring me my slippers’, ‘Bubble Bath’, ‘Foot Rub’, ‘Night off from bedtime’ ‘Sleeping in Late’ and anything else you think they would love, or want to avoid!

Perhaps make a disclaimer that only one can be redeemed per day… or per week or you may end up hiding the book from them! Try and make them things that your kids are able to do or ones that you’re happy to help them do, even if it means supervising them while they attempt to wash daddies car.


Image source – Pinterest



Handmade Apron

If your other half is a keen cook, diy-er or BBQ pro then why not get the kids to decorate him his very own apron. Buy a plain one, pick up some fabric paints and let the kids go crazy on it. This hand print one is beautiful but you could also paint on a superman logo, funny quote, their name – anything you like. They’ll love the sentiment and you’ll love not having to try and wash out bbq sauce stains from his t-shirts anymore!



Image source – Pinterest


Treat them to a meal

For all of the times that our Dads and partners pay the bill when we eat out, without us or the kids even questioning it, I think it’s lovely to repay the favour and take them out ‘on the kids’. Of course it’ll be you paying, unless your child is old enough and wants to spend their pocket money on it, so pick somewhere fun, child-friendly and not too pricey!

We recently visited our local Beefeater as it’s had a wonderful new refurb and has a really modern yet rustic vibe. Pete is a big steak eater and steak was a big hit on the menu with a lot of the decor also being focused on cows and meat – definitely one for the meat loving dads! It’s child friendly without feeling like you’re in a soft play cafe; the staff were really accommodating to the boys, the menu has great variety for little ones and of course they provide colouring/activity sheets to keep them happy – winner! I’d definitely recommend a Beefeater for a Father’s Day meal as it ticks all of the boxes for a family occasion and even if you’ve been there a ton of times, with the new look and menu it’s something a bit special and new.


I hope you liked these last minute Fathers Day gift ideas and that they gave you a bit of inspiration for Fathers Day. They’re all super simple, most are really cheap and I know Pete or my Dad would love any of these! Hey if you get stuck you could always go for a crate of beer, nose hair trimmer or back scratcher – guys love those sorts of things right?

If you have any more ideas please do leave them in the comments for myself and anyone reading and please do let me know if you give any of these a go 🙂

Thanks for reading!
Jess x


*This post is not sponsored. I was gifted the BuyaGift SmartBox, sent a Caprera box and offered a complimentary meal at Beefeater; but all opinions are my own.

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