Konoko Falls Jamaica – Great for kids!

As soon as I knew we’d be heading to Jamaica for the Summer I made a bucket list of things to do and climbing a waterfall was number one! The most famous one that everyone recommends in Dunns River Falls but as it worked out that I’d be going on a day that Pete was working, and I’d therefore have both boys by myself (aged 4 and almost 2) I decided to opt for one that would be smaller and easier to manage.

I did a lot of research on Dunns and although many people say that you can take little children, it’s either to wade at the bottom of the falls with them or to help them up with a one-to-one ratio so that just wasn’t doable on my own.

I asked a friend that I’d made at our pool who had a little boy the same age as Jasper and she recommended Konoko Falls; she also offered to for her driver to take us which not only meant another adult present but that her little boy could join us so a companion for Jasper (having only his little bro to hang with for weeks was dong nothing for his cred haha!).

Konoko Falls is situated in Ocho Rios and is a really fun day out for kids and adults alike. You start with a tour through the tropical gardens learning about the various plants there before heading to the mini zoo of a variety of birds and reptiles!

There’s a chance to stop for food and drinks at the end of the tour before heading down the steps to the base of the falls ready to climb up. What’s great is that you can access the falls at various points via the stairs so if you want to stop halfway you can just take the stairs to the top or if you simply want to climb the last bit that’s easy to do too!

It actually worked out perfectly as the lovely driver didn’t want to climb so he carried Jenson up the stairs while I climbed with Jasper his new little friend. I assumed that you’d either have to pay for a personal guide or go as a large group to have one but one of the guides joined us and I gave him a tip at the end. It was great because he held both boys hands to help them climb up and even took a load of pictures during the climb!

There were lots of spots to stop to sit in rock pools and under the falls and I was so impressed that myself and both boys managed it all the way to the top!

I had sliders on and found it no problem as the rocks are actually rubbed away every couple of days to get rid of any of the moss that would grow on them making them slippery. The boys were able to climb unaided for some parts but definitely needed someone to hold their hand or guide them in others so if you have little ones bear this in mind!

If you’re looking for a less touristy, less expensive and more child-friendly waterfall to climb then Konoko Falls really is beautiful! It’s so picturesque infant that couples even get married at the base of it – how magical!

Have you visited Konoko Falls?

Let me know your favourites spots in Jamaica!

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