June Roll Call

This month has been a little hectic hasn’t it? I’m sure it’s not just me who’s been running around like a headless chicken and pulling my hair out over an ever growing to-do list.One of my to-do’s was to get my review’s completed as I’ve very kindly been sent some lovely products to check out and share with you guys. I thought I’d do this as a kind of round up, partly because I’m being lazy but also because some of the items I think are best summed up shortly and sweetly … so here it goes, my June Roll call:

1 – Thank God for Vanish

photo 5-43

At first Jasper’s nappy never leaked, nor was he ever really sick; but recently he’s just turned into a clothes staining monster. If it’s not poop on him it’s sick on my shoulder so I’ve been loving the powers of vanish, kindly sent to me by Vikingdirect.com


2 – ElevEase shower step

photo 4-60

This I could have done with while I was pregnant. It’s a handy step that you pop in your shower to rest your foot on while you shave your legs and clean your tootsies! As I suffer from a bad back (cheers breastfeeding and giving birth) it does come in handy when bending over is a pain; I also read that it would be great for painting your toenails … if you do that in the shower?


3 – Sugru

photo-59Ok this is something more for Pete … he has raved about this stuff for months now and even used it to fix my frayed laptop charger. It’s a silicone composite used to fix things and it’s insulated and moulds to any shape you like – a great invention! I ended up giving some to my dad to try too!


4 – CB12

photo 2-96You may have seen this stuff advertised on TV as it’s become pretty big lately. I was sent their chewing gum and a variety of mouthwashes to try and they really did the job. This’ll sound gross but I sometimes don’t have time to drink enough water (you thought I was going to say brush my teeth then didn’t you?) and it can make me have a bad taste in my mouth, so the chewing gum became a life saver for me!


Flat Out Bunny

photo 3-71

We actually won this as part of a comp over at Twin Mum and Dad blog and it’s just perfect for my little Rabbit. It’s even been used by the kiddies of Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner!


Plum Baby Greek Style Yogurt

photo-60Rhys is a massive fan of Plum Baby. He’s already reviewed some of their biscuits and actually had some of these yummy yoghurts in our April Nonabox; so these were a welcome treat 🙂 They’re easy for him to hold and feed himself and (because it would be rude not to try them myself) taste fab!
Belt Lock


An awesome invention if your child has a tendency to undo his or her seatbelt (sneaky devils aren’t they?). Ofcouse Jaspers too little to even notice he has one on and Rhys although gets frustrated by it, hasn’t figured out that the big red button is his chance to freedom … so I let my little dudes Reece and Sienna (nephew and niece) give it a go. My brother and sister in law were really impressed and feel a lot safer knowing the pickles can’t make a motorway escape!


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