Jenson’s 8 month update

How is this time flying by so quickly? Jenson is now eight months old and before I know it he’ll be the grand old age of one! Not much has changed since his last update but I’ll run through it all anyway in case this is the first of my posts that you’re reading.


Jenson’s routine is pretty much the same except that he’s sleeping better and eating more as he’s getting bigger. Feeding wise he has three bottles of 7oz of formula a day, three meals a day, plenty of water in between and snacks if need be. Sleep wise he has around 12 hours a night, usually from 7am-7pm and he rarely wakes anymore. If he does it’s usually because he’s not eaten enough during the day (in which case I’ll give him a small bottle of formula) or he’s teething, in which case it’s Calpol, teething gel and snuggles. He then has two naps during the day, a morning nap of one to two hours and an afternoon nap which tends to be shorter and around one hour. Sometimes he’ll have one long nap instead and occasionally lots of mini naps if we’re out and about, in and out of the car – he’s really adaptable though and this doesn’t seem to affect his night time sleep.

Here’s his typical routine:

7am – Wake and play in cot for 30-40 mins

8am – 7oz formula bottle

9am – Breakfast

10am – Morning nap (1-2 hours)

12ish – Lunch

1pm – 7oz formula bottle

2pm – Afternoon nap (1 hour)

5pm – Dinner

6pm – Bath

6:30pm  – 7oz formula bottle

7pm – Bed



In my last update I mentioned that Jenson had started creeping; well now he is full on army crawling and there is literally no stopping him! He easily crawls the length of our house and I quite often find him in different rooms to where I left him. He’s super fast now and the only way you know where he is, is from his creepy heavy breathing. Every morning I put him on the floor in our room and after a few seconds I hear Pete saying hello to him as he’s crawled to the other end of the house to where Pete has a bath. DSC06512

Another milestone is that Jenson is now sleeping in his own room; we moved him in when he was sick through his Sleepyhead and I didn’t have time to get it washed and dried in time for the next night, and we were in the middle of having our SnuzPod mattress replaced; so the only option was his cot in his bedroom. He’s taken to it so well and like I mentioned earlier has been sleeping through the night!

Jenson also now waves and says ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and ‘baba’ in his little husky voice!

A final milestone this month was the arrival of toothipegs! Jenson got his bottom two teeth at the exact same time. He went red in the face, fussed a little and ‘pop’ two little nippers poking through his gums!

Although Jenson is the happiest chap he has started to be a bit stroppy, he shouts at me if I don’t feed him quick enough; at Jasper if he takes his toys and at Pete when he play wrestles with Jasper as he feels protective over his big brother. I think because he can now crawl so well he gets especially frustrated if he’s in his pushchair or car seat and can’t crawl about and this has made it so tricky to get him strapped in as he literally holds onto the sides and refuses to lay down!



This month Jenson flew on a plane to Scotland and went on a ferry to the Isle of White; both of which he was a dream on! He also swam for the first time which he loved so I’ll definitely make that a regular thing!

Jenson is into everything at the moment; he particularly loves pulling the mud out of my indoor plant pots and rolling around my watering can on the floor. He’s like a magpie when it comes to gadgets and will always choose my phone or the remote control over his own toys!

Well that’s Jenson at 8 months, I’d love to hear how your little one is/was getting on at this stage; it really is so full of fun/ a little bit exhausting!

DSC06485 DSC06451 DSC06402


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


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