Jenson’s 6 month update

You’re 6 months old now Jenson … 6 months – that’s half a year old and far too old for my liking! I cannot believe how quickly the past 6 months have flown by and I really do mean flown by. Every month, every milestone, it’s all bittersweet but somehow this 6 month mark has really choked me up more so than I ever realised before I sat down to type this.

You’re still the most easy going baby; people joke that they hardly notice you’re in the room and then you beam a huge smile and do a little Irish jig whilst laying on your back and it’s hard not to focus all of our love on you. You’re a happy soul, a content baby and so easily pleased. Everything makes you smile and giggle and you really do make being an emotional working from home muma of three hectic boys that much easier.


Your sleep has been rather hit or miss since my last update. I got you into a lovely routine whereby you were sleeping 7-7ish with a dream feed at around 10:30pm and a middle of the night feed at around 3am. You then went through a bit of a phase where you were waking every 2-3 hours for a feed throughout the night and your usual 2-3 small naps in the day changed to random naps at random times for random durations. It was at this point that we started weaning which I’ll go into detail below but basically we added one meal in the day and you dropped your dream feed; we then added another feed in the day (sticking to your normal amount of milk) and you dropped another night feed meaning we were kind of back to 2 wakes in the night; one at 1am and another at around 5am. It was all going great and then for some reason, indigestion maybe, you shot back to random night wakes, but instead of feeding and going straight back to sleep, you just stayed awake, sometimes happy sometimes not so much. Now, at 6 months and 3 days I’ve tried to get back on top of it and after getting back into more of a day time routine we’ve had a couple of really good nights. You’ve slept from 7:30-1 and then again until around 6:30am – I’ll take that! We’re also currently doing the Johnson’s 3-step bedtime routine which I posted about here; and I really do think that’s helped.

During the day I think we’re going towards two longer naps rather than 3 smaller ones and that’s absolutely fine. We haven’t quite figured out a routine there yet though.


You’re having 5 bottles of 6oz of formula a day and then 2 bottles at night (for the last couple of nights anyway). You’re also weaning and now have 3 meals a day; granted they’re pretty small but then so are you right? Here is a routine we’re currently on:

7am – 6oz bottle

9am – breakfast

10am – 6 oz bottle


12 – lunch

1am – 6 oz bottle


4am – 6oz bottle

5am – dinner

7am – 6oz bottle


You’ve tried lots of yummy fruits and veggies as well as baby rice, biscuits, wafers and toast which you love. Purees went really well for a few days and then all of a sudden you shut up shop and wouldn’t open your mouth so we’ve been doing more baby led weaning to see if you prefer that which you do! I will do a post on weaning in more detail but here are some of the foods you’ve tried so far:

Fruit: banana, apple, pear, nectarine, strawberry, avocado

Vegetables: Carrot, sweet potato, potato, beetroot, butternut squash, broccoli, parsnip



I think that you really look like Me but I am starting to catch glimpses of Daddy in you now. When you were first born everyone thought you were me but now it’s quite mixed and a lot of people do see Dada. Your hair is really lightening up now and has lots of golden tones so I think you may just be a blondie like your brother. It’s still not gotten much thicker and it’s a little thin on top but then you do rub it like crazy so I’m not surprised!

You have a really gummy smile but still no teeth popping through and your eyelashes go on for days!

I’ve just started putting you in 6-9 month clothing as all of your 3-6 months stuff is far too short for you and makes you look like you’re wearing ankle swingers and 3 quarter length sleeves! You have really long feet and long fingers so I think you’ll be a tall one like your Dada.

You’re still suffering a bit from eczema; I’m using Aveeno on it at the moment and if I remember to apply it frequently it does really calm down but on busy days it does flare up a little. Your head is also quite dry, it’s not cradle cap just dry skin so we make sure to pop lots of coconut oil on that!



You’re such a happy soul and you pretty much like everything but some of your favourites are:

Scrunchy books, tickles, the door bouncer, rolling over, talking with your brothers, tv, hand puppets


Being spoon fed, teething (obviously), being hungry, being put down when you’re hungry



You’re not quite crawling yet but you can turn a complete 360 when you’re on your tummy. You pull yourself around and push back with ease so long gone are the days of leaving you on the bed or near pretty much anything you could grab that’s not a toy!

You laugh now, like full on laugh. It’s not just a baby giggle it’s a real laugh and it’s incredible and so easy to get out of you!


What we’ve been up to

This past month you’ve had lots of fun; you started at a new baby class called Maraccajacks which you love! You’ve been to soft play lots, to a couple of your cousins birthday parties, to London for afternoon tea and also to a fun event at the farm. Yesterday we had a film crew round and you weren’t phased at all; you certainly are a vloggers baby!


It’s been another wonderful month with you baby Bear and we can’t wait to see what the next month will bring. I’ve just heard you wake up from your nap, not crying but blowing raspberries and saying ‘ooh’ so I’ll quickly post this and come for cuddles.

Love you sweetheart,

Muma x


  • lisacdixon
    17th February 2017 at 3:02 pm Reply

    Beautifully written, Jess. I can’t believe Jenson is 6-months-old already. He is such a cutie and growing so much. L.x

    • Jessica
      22nd February 2017 at 11:06 am Reply

      Ahh it’s going so quickly isn’t it? Thanks lovely <3

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