As Jenson approaches 5 months of age I thought it would be nice to reflect on his 4th month of life. I was scrolling through pictures this morning and came across some of his newborn squishiness and it really made me realise just how quickly the time has gone. I think because life got really hectic over the past month or two, everything has just been one big blur. I mean, it always is with motherhood but if you read my recent post on letting things slip you’ll know that I felt like a lot of Jensons development had really slid past me without me even noticing.

So at 4 months of age, Jenson is changing so much every day. In my last update he had started rolling from his back to his front and now he goes back from his back to his front again. He’s also able to pull himself around to face different directions and kicks his legs so much that he ends up pushing himself forward (he tricked me into thinking he’d crawled once, I was slightly scared haha!). He’s really strong on his legs, always pushing himself up when you hold him on your lap but then his little legs collapse so I know they’re not quite strong enough yet. He’s been going in his door swing quite a lot and this weekend we’re going to get out the jumperoo!

He’s at the stage now where he can reach out and grab things so laying under play mats are great fun for him. He also does a lot of tummy time (mainly because he won’t stay on his back for too long) so I often lay him on the floor and surround him with toys to grab. He’s able to grab things and bring them to his mouth so he’s always trying to eat my fingers and his toys are always soaking wet! He even holds his own bottle now (often it ends up in his eye) and sometimes I catch him taking his dummy out, looking at it and then putting it back it – so cute! Speaking of his dummy, I got into a bit of a habit of always popping it back into his mouth even if he was happy and not crying so I’ve made a conscious effort not to do that anymore. It’s now mainly used for car journeys if they fall on naps times and we can’t stop; and moments where he’s really fussy but he rarely uses them to fall asleep anymore and if he does he doesn’t wake when they fall out of his mouth in the night.

He’s still showing signs of teething by biting on his fists and anything he can get his hands on and also dribbling like a slobbery pooch but there still aren’t any┬áteeth popping through.



Long gone are the full nights of sleep … who was I kidding right? Jenson now goes to sleep at 7pm after a feed, wakes for a feed between 10:30pm and 11pm and then again for another around 3pm. He then sleeps through till about 7:45am when he wakes up happy as Larry, babbling away. He also has 2-3 naps during the day, either 3 1hr naps or 2 slightly longer ones. I try not to let him stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time during the day and he’s usually tired 2 hours after waking and feeding anyway. He’s really good at self settling; at the moment he wakes to feed except for his bedtime bottle when he feeds then sleeps. So when he goes down for his nap I usually pop him in either his bedside crib or if we’re downstairs his Nuna chair, and I put his hand puppet in his hands which he rubs into his face until he falls asleep. (I never leave him unattended and always remove the puppet once he’s asleep). I also always make sure to put mittens on his hands as when he’s tired he rubs his forehead like crazy and ends up scratching himself. When he goes to sleep at night I give him his bottle and then while he’s still awake I put him in his sleep bag and into his bedside crib, again with a puppet, so he always self settles. When he wakes from his naps and in the morning he’s always really happy and lays there looking around until I get him; whereas when he wakes at 10:30-11pm and 3am he cries so I know he’s tired still and hungry.


Feeding wise Jenson is now solely formula fed. I will go into the story in more detail in a separate post but basically my supply just went. It was most likely a combination of things; giving Jenson the dummy and his body not telling my body he needed me to produce milk in the night and also the stress of 2016 and me being unwell over Christmas. The last night that I remember feeding all night strangely was the night that my sister in law passed away, because we spent the night in the hospice and I remember not having formula with me. Since then I remember breastfeeding on the 8th December, the night of the Channel Mum Christmas party and also on Pete’s birthday, the 12th December but I was also giving formula on those days. In the end Jenson was getting frustrated with my lack of milk; I couldn’t express more than an ounce between them despite trying EVERYTHING to boost my supply and after he lost 1 1/2 lbs in weight, I knew we had to introduce formula regularly. It was then a bit of a blur but Jenson loved the formula, he loved the amount he was getting and he thrived off it, gaining the weight back almost instantly and we’ve not looked back since. I’m sad about it, mainly because it was out of my control but hey ho, he’s happy and healthy and there are worse things to happen to a Muma right?

So now he has 7 bottles of 7 ounces a day. For his age and weight it’s only recommended that he has 5 bottles of 7 ounces, which he has during the day at 3 hourly intervals but then as I mentioned above he wakes twice in the night. I’ve tried increasing the amount he has in the day but he won’t have anymore and I thought about trying him with water in the night or giving him some baby rice but then I just think he’s only little, he drinks the milk in the night so he must need it and he’s my last baby so I don’t mind the night time cuddles!


General schedule:

Jenson usually feeds every 3 hours and naps every 2 hours for 1 hour at a time; here’s a schedule I try to stick to:

7:45am: wake, change nappy

8am: feed 7oz bottle, play

10am: sleep

11am: wake, change nappy, feed 7oz bottle, play

1pm: sleep

2pm: wake, change nappy, feed 7oz bottle, play

4pm: sleep

5pm: wake, change nappy, feed 7oz bottle, play

6pm: bath, massage

7pm: feed 7oz bottle, self settles

There are days where he’ll wake up earlier or later in the morning so everything shifts backwards or forwards, however sometimes he’ll wake earlier but still won’t want his first nap until his usual 10am one. There are feeds when he doesn’t finish the whole bottle as well so I’m going to keep an eye on that and make sure he’s not drinking less in the day as he knows he’ll get more in the night!



The last time I weighed Jenson was about a week ago and he was 16lbs. When he lost the weight his legs got quite skinny but now he has his chunky thighs back with their delicious rolls!


Most people say that Jenson still looks like me but more and more people are saying they see Pete now (compared to no one thinking it before). I still think he looks like a beautiful bear. His hair is getting fairer with a slight ginger hint to it like Jasper had. I reckon he’ll be a blondie like his brother in no time!

He has a really gummy smile; quite different to Jaspers when he was little. Jenson opens his mouth really wide when he smiles and because he doesn’t really have a top lip yet it’s the gummiest smile you ever did see.

His lashes are still insanely long and enviable. On one eye they fan out evenly and on the other they fan to the outside; I wonder if this is because he laid on one side so much in my tummy?

He has long fingers and feet, a sign of a tall boy perhaps?

He still has his two swirls on the back of his head but because he’s lost quite a bit of hair over time they’re less noticeable now … still my little king with two crowns though!

Jenson’s developed eczema which I’m hoping isn’t because we switched to formula. I’m going to book an appointment with the HV because I don’t want to go through the palaver of seeing doctors that quite frankly haven’t a clue what to do with eczema. I was using the baby Aveeno but it didn’t seem to be doing anything so I’ve switched to the ‘dry and sensitive skin’ Aveeno range that I used with Jasper. His has also gotten really bad but I got quite slack applying his cream where his skin had gotten so good so I’m now trying to get back on top of that.

He still has a little bit of cradle cap on his head but I’ve gotten it down to a point where it just looks like dry skin rather than dried on cornflakes! I was using almond oil and coconut oil and a soft brush to remove it but now I just use the Aveeno daily moisturiser on it a few times a day.

He also has quite bad dribble rash bless him, its all on his neck and going onto his chest and no matter how many times I change his dribble bib or wipe him dry it’s not going away so any tips on what to use would be great!


Jenson is a cheeky chappy. He’s always smiling whether it be his huge gummy grin or a sneaky little pouty smile as if he knows something you don’t! He’s very excitable and kicks his legs and throws his arms about when he sees something he likes. He’s always watching his big brothers intently but is also super chilled and happy to lay by himself and just look around. We often joke that he’s the best bay out of the 3 of them … I say joke but really we mean it; he’s such a breeze compared to the other two! He’s very cuddly and burries his head into you when you hold him and often looks up to see if anyone’s there and then does it again! He has the cutest laugh; it’s always like a half finished one, I can’t describe it but I’ve captured it a few times on my vlogs if you’d like to check them out. He’s also started giggling a little and he’s got the same husky giggle Jasper had, a real belly giggle!



Hand puppets

When we play bite his thighs and tummy


Scrunchy books

Flashing and musical toys

Baby yoga



Having to wait for his milk


Well I think that’s everything for Jensons 4th month. It’s been a wonderful one, he really is such a blessing to us. Please do stay tuned for more updates and of course head over to the Youtube channel and our social media channels to keep up to date as I’m a lot more frequent on those! I’ll leave you with some of my favourite pictures from the past month … check out those crazy lashes!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x


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  • Donna
    14th January 2017 at 3:39 am Reply

    Such a lovely boy! I really love the new next dribble proof bibs, they seem really absorbent yet don’t wet through to their clothes. My 6 month old is a dribbler too!

    • Jessica
      15th January 2017 at 8:38 pm Reply

      Ahh amazing I’ll check those out thank you! x

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