Venture Photography and Jasper’s Amish #BOOTD

Whilst I was pregnant I had all these plans to have professional photos taken to document my pregnancy and Jaspy’s first few months. Naked silhouette pictures of my bump, mine and Pete’s hands around Jasper’s feet in the shape of a heart, Jasper in some adorable frog outfit in a plant pot … you know the sort. Well did I do any of those? Did I eck!

The most that I did was a weekly selfie on my Iphone of my growing bump and about a bazillion (although adorable), not so great quality pics of Jasper on my phone.

So when we were invited down to Venture Photography to have some snaps taken of Jasper I jumped at the chance! After our filming with Johnson’s I knew that he wouldn’t be fazed by the cameras and lights so it was a simple task of choosing Jaspy’s outfits and we were set!

Here’s my favourite of them all – Jaspys #BOOTD20140908-101202-36722800.jpg

It was a gift from my good friend Faye and it’s from Zara. When she gave it to him it was slightly too big and I couldn’t wait for it to fit him. The photoshoot came at perfect timing as he fits into it really well and I think will get a couple more months use out of it!

The outfit comes with the navy blue trousers, long sleeved white top with brown buttons and my favourite part – the braces!


This is the perfect little ensemble for a wedding or special occasion. In fact it’s exactly what I want him to wear for mine and Petes wedding with the addition of a little dicky bow tie!

Even though it’s quite a formal outfit I don’t see why little boys can’t dress to impress everyday so I’m probably going to put him in it, like, all the time!!!

A couple have people have said it looks like a little Amish outfit and it does – too cute!

Mum came with us to the photoshoot. To be honest we were quite dissapointed with the set up. The venue looked so new and snazzy but the room was very bare. I know they need a blank canvas  but there were hardly any props to work with. They had two backgrounds, one of which being the rustic one as shown above. They then had maybe three props, the laundry basket, a crate and an old cream blanket that was pretty dirty.

If we had our own I would have refused to use it but it was either that or make him sit in a cold tin in the nudey!

There wasn’t a sofa to sit on or baby changing area which meant that poor Mum got pooped on while we changed him on her lap – funny yet not ideal!

The photographer however was fantastic! He had loads of great ideas and was really patient and playful with Jasper, who was brilliant, he only got restless right near the end!

When we got home I had to join in and have a little snap with my little man! I can’t wait to share the snaps with you guys – price depending, that price list nearly make my eyes pop out of my head!

Have you had any professional snaps done with your bambino?

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