Jaspy’s milestones – that husky laugh

A while back I got extremely excited over something that happened for a split second and has ever since had me wondering whether or not it even occurred. Jaspy laughed. It was a kind of strained exhale sound teamed with a huge smile and no matter what I did… I couldn’t get it back!

Did he laugh? Did it count? Did it warrant a milestone card snap? I thought so! But that was until now; until last Tuesday when he laughed; a husky adorable contageous laugh! Pete was talking about some stunt baby video he watched at the dinner table and was making punching motions at Jasper and the heavens opened!

Yep that’s right, Daddy pretending to punch him made him laugh #badparents I don’t care!!

He then did it again while I played peekaboo with him in the bath and finally I caught it on camera yesterday.

Pete was doing nothing but talking to him and he found it hilarious!

WARNING – heart melting stuff!


I keep watching it over and over. I know I’m biased but I just think it’s the cutest laugh ever! So husky and uncontrollable! It makes me wonder if he’ll sound like The Godfather when he learns to talk!?

If you have any cute baby laugh vids please link them below, I’m a tad obsessed now!


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