Jaspy’s first creche day

Today should have been an emotional day for me. The first day that Jaspy went into a creche, being looked after by people that I’ve never met, was suppose to fill me with anxiety.

I was suppose to book, cancel, book cancel and reluctantly book again. I was suppose to spend all morning hugging him and staring at him in preparation for 60 minutes (yep that’s all) without him. I was suppose to feel anxious and nervous walking into the creche. I was suppose to hold him tight and stall leaving until they had to push me out of the door.

I was suppose to look back a million times and hover by the door. I was suppose to well up on my way to the gym and spend the whole time looking at the clock and wondering what the most believable excuse would be to pick him up early. I was suppose to google ‘bad experiences with creches’ and freak myself out.

I was suppose to burst through the door at 11am and him crawl up to me smiling and raring for a cuddle and a kiss. I was suppose to expect the staff to be neglecting him then rush over and give him attention when they saw me coming. I was suppose to take him home and check him over for bruises and panic non stop that something may have happened but I’ll never know will I!?

Did any of that happen?

Of course it blady didn’t!

Today I decided to put Jaspy in the creche at my gym while I did an hours workout. I usually go in the evenings so Pete can look after him but I thought it would be good for me and Jaspy for him to be with someone other than friends or family.

I booked it the day before, I packed his bag excitedly and in we headed; no nerves, no anxiety. The staff were so friendly, the setting clean and safe and both myself and Jaspy calm. He wriggled to get down at the first sight of toys and didn’t even bat an eyelid when I waved and kissed him goodbye! (the cheek of him!)

My gym session was so relaxed. To be honest I didn’t even think of him until 5 minutes before the session was over when I casually took my time and headed up to the creche. I did feel excited walking back through the door but it was more when I saw him happily playing and clearly not missing me!

I snuck up to him, tickled his back and do you know what he did? Turned, looked at me, stared for a second and turned back to what he was doing! Of course this did leave me with a pang of sadness that he wasn’t even fussed but it also made me feel so proud that I’m raising such an independent and content baby. He obviously felt secure enough to know I wasn’t going forever …. either that or he just preferred his new toys than me! haha

Apparently he spent the whole time going from toy to toy; no tears; no mention of ‘mama’. He had a small amount of cheese at snack time that he kindly gave more of to the chair than his mouth – typical Jaspy!

I can’t wait to take him back there next week; not only for him but for me. I don’t know when I’ll be going back to work properly but I know that at some point I’ll put Jaspy in a nursery or play school, so it’s nice to know that he’s preparing for that slowly and I’m getting use to strangers taking care of him.


How was your babies first creche/ nursery/ play school session?


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  • Dianne
    12th February 2015 at 8:17 pm Reply

    Thats so good that it all went smoothly x

    • Jessica
      13th February 2015 at 8:11 pm Reply

      He loved it the little pickle

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