Jaspy’s first Christmas

What a magical week we’ve had. This was Jaspy’s first Christmas and although I knew he wouldn’t really understand it; I’m not sure Rhys even understood it this year, it was still such a wonderful and exciting time.

If you read my previous post you’ll know that we decided we wouldn’t be going OTT with presents. We wanted Christmas to be about the love, the gratitude and of course the little sparkle of sleigh bells and reindeer prints; and I think we managed to stick to this!

The build up to the 25th was really lovely for me as we decorated our barn in rustic inspired decor and prepped their Christmas eve boxes and the Christmas day menu. I planned to blog about a lot more than I did. I scheduled posts on our room and table decor, what was on our tree and in the boys advent calendars, stockings and Christmas eve boxes; but you know how it gets. On top of visits and last minute prepping time got away from me and I didn’t post at all. It was nice though; I got to focus on the moments and really enjoy them!

This Christmas I was really keen to set our own traditions too. Leaving food our for Father Christmas and his reindeer; watching our annual Christmas eve movie; opening stocking presents on mine and Petes bed before heading downstairs; but again things get away from you and with the boys being so young, there didn’t seem much point this year. SO next year – it’s on!

In sticking to not going OTT on gifts we got Jaspy and Rhys a small handful of presents each. They each had a main one from Father Christmas, a push along train for Jaspy and a Little Tykes yellow and red car for Rhys. They then had a few smaller presents from us in their gorgeous personalised hessian present sacks. They’re so traditional and fit perfectly with our rustic decor.

In the sacks Jaspy had some sensory toys like a disco ball, that tin foil looking stuff that runners get wrapped up in and a rattly high chair toy. Rhys got a mini hoover, some build your own aeroplanes and mini dinosaurs.

They did get spoiled rotten by family and friends – part of the reason as well that we didn’t buy them a lot ourselves. They have enough toys to last a lifetime and some really lovely keepsakes too!

Christmas day we spent with Petes family and we hosted. It was the first time that I wouldn’t be seeing my family and also the first time we’d be hosting a meal for so many people let alone Christmas dinner. It was quite daunting for me, especially as I wanted to just enjoy making memories with Jaspy but it went without a hitch! Pete loves cooking and spent all morning in the kitchen which let me relax and savour the moments. I wish I’d taken photos of the amazing food he made but I promise I’ll do a menu post next year as we’ll be hosting again but for my family.

We then spent boxing day over my parents and stayed overnight so we could both have a few drinks. My brother, sister in law, niece and nephew stayed as well so it was lovely to see the kiddies all wake up together!

Jaspy had a lovely first Christmas. It was spent with family, surrounded by love, laughter and great food. Pete’s off work now until the 5th so we’re going to enjoy lots of quality time together and catch up on sleep.

I didn’t document Jaspy’s first Christmas as much as I wanted to, in fact I only took two pictures first thing in the morning and nothing after that! I kind of regret it, especially as I’m such a photowhore but we’ve got the memories 🙂

The next big celebration will be Jaspy’s first birthday and Rhys’s second …. oh and valentines if he has a little girlfriend by then!

How did you celebrate your Christmas? Was it your babies first?


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  • Sarah Knott
    29th December 2014 at 8:46 pm Reply

    Excuse me! Jaspy already has a gf, miss Islabobisla haha 🙂 Haha. So lovely to hear about your day. Sounds lovely! Can’t wait to catch up!xxxx

    • Jessica
      29th December 2014 at 9:32 pm Reply

      Haha Sarah I was soo close to putting Isla but I didn’t … I thought their love should be shared when they’re ready haha
      When are you back? Looking forward to a January sales catch up 🙂 xx

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