DIY Cake Smash

Okay this is late, very late. Jaspy turned one in April and the thought of narrowing down, editing and uploading all of the photos was seriously not fun butttttttt it’s now July and if I feel pretty awful that his first birthday celebration went a little undocumented! (except for the various blog posts and vlog I did on it haha)

So, this year we upped our game from the last. Rhys’s cake smash insert cheeky plug link here was the first I’d ever done and although it was super fun and the pictures came out great, I knew that after a year of blogging and vlogging I had to try out my new skills and take it to the next level!

To recap, Rhys’s cake smash was done in the garden with the brick wall as the background. This looked fab and I got some primary coloured bunting and balloons to jazz it up. I bought a paper hat and stuck on a number one that I’d cut out from an old stripes vest of his and I stuck a cut out tie (also from said stripes vest) onto a plain white vest.

The cake was a simple one with whipped cream on top and some sweeties, and I used my DSLR to take the snaps.

This year for Jaspy’s I made a few changes, but some things stayed the same:

The cake

I still didn’t go for a professional cake. The thought of spending £100 ish on a cake to be destroyed doesn’t bare thinking about to me haha. So I picked u a rather huge toffee sponge cake from Asda for around £6, stuck another one on top of it, covered it in buttercream, sprayed it with edible shimmer spray and stuck in a gold sparkly crown cake topper. Okay it cost me more than last year, maybe £20, but it’s still a massive saving compared to a pro cake!IMG_7988

The outfit

I’d searched through Pinterest for some inspiration and decided upon braces and a bow tie – both from eBay. I then ordered a gorgeous little knitted crown from river20four which is now displayed on his shelf in his room (cake-free). I then put him in his navy shorts form H&M that he already had, so in total that cost around £20 and it’s all things that he’ll use again, even if for dressing up!IMG_7993

The setting

Now this is where I tried to go a bit more pro. I bought a backdrop kit from eBay for £30. It all looked good on paper until I set it up. It was extremely flimsy and blew over in the wind unless I jammed it in place with rocks! The white backdrop wasn’t long enough and had big folds in which wouldn’t iron out properly, so we ended up using a bedsheet! I’d definitely recommend a backdrop kit, but maybe spend a little more than I did for something more sturdy and better quality.

I used the decorations from the boys joint party, pompoms, a tassel garland that I made, giant confetti circles and a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign. The theme was yellow, grey and blue and I thought looked super cute!smash

The help

Okay so I didn’t hire an assistant, I had my mum there to grab the frame if it started to blow over and my nephew to distract/encourage Jasper with the cake. They made for a fab crew and I’d definitely recommend having at least one extra pair of hands.

So there you have it, how I did Jaspy’s 1st Birthday DIY cake smash on a budget. I personally think that the photo’s taken with the backdrop aren’t as god as the ones where Jaspy crawled over to the grass. The backdrop had shadows whichever way I faced it and I just don’t think they gave as nice of an effect as the garden shots … what do you think?

Here are the snaps, again taken from my DSLR and edited on Photoshop. I also filmed it on my Sony camera and you can see the footage here:



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