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Hi lovelies, I thought I’d do a quick update on how Jaspy is doing at nursery as he’s been going for almost two months now. In case you haven’t read my first post, Jaspy goes two mornings a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 8-1.

I’d say the first 3 drop-offs he got upset when I left. He’d wriggle to get down on the floor, go and play with toys but then see me sneaking out of the room and cry. His key worker would always tell me that he’d only cry for a minute or so but it wasn’t until the fourth drop off when he put his arms out to her and waved me off that I realised how content he was there.

Now when we walk up the driveway he kicks his legs with excitement, reaches out to ring the doorbell and then practically jumps out of my hands when we get there. He either waves me off or more often that not, crawls straight into the kitchen without looking back! Yes it breaks my heart a little that he doesn’t miss me but also because he is so happy there and I can breathe easy knowing he feels at home.

When I pick him up he’s either asleep (his nap routine isn’t quite established in the day but he sleeps all night so I’m happy) or playing away. If he’s playing I love to watch him without him seeing me and it’s so nice to see him taking toys to the teachers there and chasing after his friends. As soon as he notices me he literally throws what he’s holding and charges for me; sometimes he gets overwhelmed and cries but I can tell it’s just because he doesn’t expect to see me there!

His nursery is fab, they take all the time you need to chat about his day, and let me know every meal, poop and wet nappy he’s had. He spends lots of time in the sensory room or waving at the chickens in the garden. He often brings back artwork which of course goes pride of place on the fridge!

I’m really proud of his development as well, he feeds himself now because of nursery. I always gave him finger foods to feed himself but would never give him a bowl of cereal as I just didn’t think he could do it without making a huge mess. Well he had to start somewhere didn’t he and when I dropped him off a few weeks back and they put his breakfast infront of him I saw just how much pushed his learning.

He also babbles away so much more, I think on his first day his key worker told me he’d been say ‘door’ and ‘this’ which was completely new!

His concentration has really grown too, he now sits down with toys and tries to figure them out. Instead of licking a train he’ll now push it along the floor. He tries to put puzzle pieces together and loves to fill and pour sand and water.

I’m so happy we put Jasper in nursery when we did, his times will probably increase after the wedding as I focus on going back to work/ my blog and I know he’ll thrive with this as he’s stayed in for extra hours before when I’ve had plans.

What are your thoughts on nursery?

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  • Victoria
    21st July 2015 at 2:27 pm Reply

    I would have loved to have put James into nursery even just for one day a week. But we just didn’t have the spare money to do it 🙁 places round us are so expensive and the cheaper ones didn’t have any spaces. But he does get his 15 hours in September so will be going mornings 0855 till 1155 everyday.

    • Jessica
      5th August 2015 at 7:18 pm Reply

      That’ll be lovely just to give you the break and James the new environment 🙂 Every cloud – it means more mummy baba time until then 😀

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