Jasper’s OOTD – Rolling Stones

Here is today’s OOTD! I love this outfit on my little chippy munk! Even though I still want to dress him in sleepsuits and keep him newborn forever I do like seeing him in little dude clothes! Well what could be more ‘little dude’ than the Rolling Stones?


I picked up this Tshirt from Tesco for £5. It’s size 0-3 so hopefully he’ll get some good use out of it.

These leggings were a gift from Jasper’s Aunty Becky. They came as part of a set with some Superman vests! I love that they have little feet so I don’t need to contend with wriggly toes and missing socks!

I was quite wary about putting him in short sleeves as even though it’s nice weather I worry he’ll get cold. However he felt nice and warm and was very happy in himself today so it’s safe to say his Summer wardrobe can start to make an appearance!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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