Jaspers first holiday!

Oh my goodness we are off on Jaspers first holiday in a few days and it could not come fast enough!

It was less than a year ago that we were living in Dubai with constant sunshine but I’m already itching to get out my summer wardrobe (without worrying I’ll get caught in the rain whilst rockin flip flops and a maxi!).

The British weather has been a real novelty and I’ve actually enjoyed the rain and an excuse to wrap up … until now! Now I just want to pop on my bikini and sip a pinacolada- especially after seeing my friends in Dubai uploading pictures of boat parties and brunches!

SO off to Lanzarote we will go on Saturday ( passport providing – fingers, toes and the rest crossed for us please!) Just me, Pete, Jasper and my parents.

We’re sad that Rhys can’t come with us but he’ll be coming on next years family holiday, so we should make the most of this one hopefully being quite relaxing!

We’ve booked 5 days and 5 nights as we don’t want to go for too long incase Jasper really doesn’t agree with the heat but we still want to get in some tanning and relaxation time.

We’ve gone for all inclusive and apart from that that’s all I know. I really left it to Pete. I don’t know anything about the hotel, the area, the flights … all I know is I bought me and Jasper some cute new outfits and we are going to look pretty awesome in them!

I’ll pop on here a few holiday related posts I’m sure but I’m hoping to not have any wifi out there so we can just enjoy some family time together (be prepared for a photodump of baby #OOTD’s once I get back!)

Any advice on travelling with a newborn would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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