Jasper you’re 5 months old! ( woops we missed 4!)

Ok I’ve been feeling really guilty about this. I didn’t forget. I knew that my son was 4 months. I just didn’t have the time to write a post. These monthly updates are so time consuming! Ok I know they only need to be written once a month but when you take into account how much these kids are growing, well, you could just go on for days!

So I’m going to combine Jaspy’s 4 and 5 month updates. Call me a cheater but I can’t remember which of his wonderful characteristics he did closer to 4 months and which new mannerisms he developed closer to 5 months; so here it is, a double whammy for you!


Jasper, you’re 5 months kid! These past weeks have been a whirlwind and my have you grown! You are officially a chunk. It’s not just me that’s noticed, everyone who holds you comments on how heavy, chubby, squidgy and just plain double chinny you have become!


I don’t know how much you weigh, I don’t worry about it now that I can tell you’re putting on weight by just looking at you. You’re tall too, just like your daddy! In fact I think you may catch up with Rhys soon!

Clothes wise you still fit in some 0-3 but you’re mainly in 3-6. I actually think I put you in a newborn vest the other day! I can try to get use out of your barely worn smaller clothes till the cows come home but putting you in ankle swingers is just cruel, so I’ll stop now my love, I’m sorry! The problem was this hot summer we had; you didn’t get to wear so many of your clothes and now it’s cooling off I really want to get you in them … Not happening!

You still aren’t much of a milk monster. You have 5-6 bottles a day of 7oz each but you barely finish them. You normally have between 3 and 6oz. Perhaps you’re a grazer?

You’ve tried some solids, if you can call baby rice milk solid!? You’ve tried Heinz and Bebita fruit porridge rice milk which you have a good old bowl full of every morning. You have tried banana and sweet potato but you weren’t that fussed. You also took a whack at some pouches but they were no good either.

Hmm, where do we start young man!? You started sleeping through the night. Well, you woke but settled with a dummy rather than a night feed, so we managed 7-7 with no bottles for about a week. Then your teeth popped up out of the blue and caused havoc! We then had 1-2 feeds per night and a lot of tears … From daddy … Kidding!

We then went back to a single night feed at 2am which was better but still tiring!

I’ll admit I’ve been slack with your routine, especially with the move so I then decided to go back to dream feeding. Last night you went off at 7:30, had a dream feed at 10:30 and slept through till 5:30. You then slept again till 8! Let’s cut out that 5:30 and we’ll chuck in some extra Christmas presents … Deal?

You have 2-3 naps in the day; usually 45 mins in the morning, an hour or 2 midday and a quick power nap of 30 mins late afternoon. This does vary depending on if we’re in the car a lot or if you’re teething so sometimes you skip a mini nap.

Ooh my goodness we’ve had a lot of these! Let’s see, sitting, standing, solids, sleeping through the night – the 4 S’s!!

I posted about these all separately but wow am I a proud Muma! Ooh we also have rolling and laughing! Jasper that laugh! You’ve got one great laugh kid! It’s a husky heart-melting contagious laugh and I could watch it on repeat forever! It’s not easy to get it out of you but when we do, boy is it the best feeling ever!

You play! You also understand cause and effect now. You know to shake a rattle to hear the noise or put your feet up for mums to bite them! You also know that crying gets you what you want and my favourite … When I play peekaboo you’ve started to look for me!

Things I love about you

Of course I love everything about you but if I can just pinpoint a few…

Your smile. Whenever you meet people new or familiar, you greet them with a beaming smile! It’s gummy, it’s genuine and it’s beautiful! You are so happy which makes me extremely happy!

That double chin! I don’t know where he came from but it seems overnight he just appeared! Daddy says you get it from me, that and your long lashes (I’m more proud of the latter haha).

Your grip. This may seem like a weird one but I love love love when you grip your hand around my finger. Not so much my hair but my finger or my top is just soo cute!

That buzz cut – where did that hair do come from!? Only yesterday we were so going the baldy song to you and now you’re beating daddy on the mop top!

Ohh the things that make you you, let’s see.

You lift your legs in the air pretty much all the time. You must have and of steel! You lift them for me to play bite, you lift them to break wind and you lift them to reach for your tootsies!

When you wake up in the morning you babble to yourself until we wake up, at which point you greet us with a huge beaming smile! This isn’t the case when you wake in the middle of the night or from a nap, no then we’re greeted with cries; it’s as if you know it’s morning time and me and daddy need to be woken gently! (Shame you don’t think of the at 2am ay!?)

Everything goes in your mouth. A toy, a finger, a blanket … Whatever will soothe those toothipegs!

What you love
Bathtime! You kick about and love to put your hands under a stream of water when I pour it on your belly

Jumperoo– the tune drives me crazy but you could play in their all day! You don’t bounce yet but you love teaching for the toys and spinning the ball.

Walker– you now have a plain one and a car one. For some reason when you go in it you put your hands in the air like it’s a ride. You’re so close to reaching the floor and scooting along but for now Rhys is happy to chauffeur you around!

Tv – I did not want this to happen but you love TV and if it calms you from a teething fit, I’m happy! You could watch the box all day whatever’s on it!

Play biting– no not you … Me! You love it when I play bite your chunky thighs and cheeks!

Massage time – you pampered Prince you! Lavender organic lotion and a leg massage makes your day!

What you don’t like
Hmmm, being put down. You used to self settle but now unless you have a toy and aren’t sleepy, hungry or having toothy trouble – you aren’t having any of it!

Being in the car – again without a toy and unless you’re in a good mood – it’s not happening!

Teething – that’s a given!

What we’ve been up to
Well it’s been a busy few months. I’m sure I’ll forget some things but here are some of the memorable things that we’ve done!

Moving house
Living with Grandma and Grandad
Play dates
Hartbeeps baby class
Visit from Aunty Heidi
Dipping your toes in the sea at the beach
Meeting your baby nephew Frankie

Well dude, what a wonderful 5 months it has been! It actually scares me that your next milestones will be the likes of walking and talking, and oh my goodness those toothipegs coming through!

We love you so much and cannot wait to see what else you’ve got in store for us!

Lots of love, mummy, daddy and Rhys! Xxx

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