13 Months old – Jaspy how crazy is that?

In typical me style, I’ve left this a little late but here it goes. Jaspy you are 13 months old, how crazy is that? Reaching that one year milestone was such a humungous one for me, not only emotionally but physically because oh my are you developing new and crazy skills by the minute!

That huge milestone kind of took over and I’m still in the blur of ‘I have a 1 year old’ so much so that I hadn’t even realised a whole new month had passed and you’ve reached a new mini milestone – 13 months of age.

I thought I’d film a little video for this months update, something featuring you, where I could talk more in depth about how you’re doing. I like filming updates for you as I can waffle a little and I feel like I can show my emotions and describe things just that little bit better when I’m talking rather than writing – not the best thing for a blogger to admit hey?

Well here it is little man, you’re 13 month update,

Love Muma x



  • Hannah Budding Smiles
    30th May 2015 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Aw well done little man on sleeping through! He’s doing so well isn’t he?! I’m sure he’s just waiting until he can cross the room to you to show off his walking skills! I’m super jealous of your hair by the way, gorgeous! I’m contemplating chopping mine off because I’m utterly useless with it!xx

    • Jessica
      8th June 2015 at 6:24 am Reply

      Aww thanks lovely, he really is getting there! Haha I think he’s just a lazy bubba! Whatnot your hair is amazing!!! Please don’t cut it off; I’m obsessed with your colour too!

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