Jasper you’re 1 month old!

Wow, I really can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. In one way it seems like only yesterday that you were born and in another way it seems like you’ve always been here. I really can’t imagine life before you and yet I’m shocked at how speedy this month has passed by!

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Where do I start? In this first month you’ve changed so much; not only your looks but your personality, routine, likes and dislikes.

You’re such a beautiful boy … so beautiful in fact that you may have been called a girl a handful of times (mummy should dress you more like a boy according to daddy!)

Size – you were born at 7lbs 12 and now you weigh in at 8 lbs 8! You don’t look much heavier but the other day I noticed my arm aching a bit after carrying you!

You have quite long legs according to the midwives and I’ve noticed that when I lay you on my lap your head almost hangs over my knees!


Milestones – 

  • You started lifting your head on day 3, now you can hold it up for quite some time and you even give a mean head butt!
  • You’re very strong and like to kick away from me when I lay you on my lap. You grasp things with more intent now, including muma’s fingers, your taggy blanket and much to your cheekiness – my hair!
  • You follow sounds and sights with real focus. This makes things very exciting for us as we get so much interaction out of you!
  • You found your voice! You were so quiet during the first few days, even when you cried but now we certainly hear you. You even make little cooing noises while your’e chilling out.
  • Most importantly … you smile! Not windy smiles but real life happy smiles! I’m yet to catch one on camera but they’re beautiful!IMG_7426


Sleeping – You could sleep for England! Your favourite place to sleep is in muma’s arms but you’re not fussy. Most places will do but your main ones are your moses basket, the sofa, your swinging chair and your cot.

You’re quite a light sleeper and if you’re not ready to sleep, boy do we know it!

Throughout the night you sleep for 3 hour periods but during the day you tend to either sleep all morning and be awake all afternoon or vice versa!

You’re a little snorer and I like to call you my little snuffly hedgehog because at night time that’s all we hear!


Feeding – Your first ever feed was formula at the hospital but since then you’ve been solely breastfeeding. You feed every 3 hours at night but during the day it’s a little more often.

You’re definitely a milk monster, we can tell by your gorgeous little chubby cheeks and double chin!


Mannerisms – There are so many individual things that make you Jasper!

  • Once you’ve finished your milk you lean your head back with your mouth open like your catching flies!
  • When you’re feeling a bit restless and want to be picked up you point your forefingers and move your arms around like a conductor.
  • This is one of my favourite, when you have a touch of gas below, you lift your legs up in the air to do a little pump.
  • I always know when you’re hungry because you’ll suck on your fist.
  • If you’re up by my neck you snuffle your nose into it, head butt it and suck it!
  • When you sneeze you punch your face (gently) with both hands … it’s kind of adorable!


My favourite things about you

  • Your little tufts of hair – you have one on the crown of your head and one at the top of your neck. They’re so soft and silky I love playing with them!
  • The end of your cry – sometimes you get a little bit worked up when you cry and your voice gets a little raspy. When I pick you up and you realise that you’re fine, your cry trails of into a little husky cat meow … it melts my heart!
  • Your curly eyelashes – you sir have some gorgeous lashes! They’re very fair in colour and curl up like you’ve just had the curlers on them! I love looking at them side on when the lights behind you.
  • When you’re feeding, sometimes you hold your hands together in front of you. Sometimes however, you pinch my boobs (not as cute haha)


Likes – enough of what I like … here’s what you like! We’ve found a few things that comfort you when it’s not hunger or a dirty nappy making you unhappy.


  • The noise of the hairdryer – sometimes it’s sets you into a deep sleep and gives muma a chance to do her hair!
  • Your swinging chair – you could stay in there for hours!
  • Daddy cuddles ( sometimes you get frustrated with muma as you can smell my milk and even if you’re not hungry, think you should be on my boob!
  • Zebra – your big brother Rhys got you one from Kiddicare and then I got you another. You love staring at the contrast between the black and white.
  • Your big boy cot – You like to listen to your woodland cot mobile from Kiddicare and when it stops you cry straight away! You also stare at the bars on the side of the cot.
  • Walking around – of course it’s not you walking, but you like to be held while someone is stood up or walking. It must be the movement and the varied sights you get to see!
  • Finally … muma and dada’s bed. Cuddles are great but when they’re in our bed you just seem to prefer them. I know it’ll be difficult to wean you off it later but for now I’m loving having you share my side with me 🙂


Dislikes – and unfortunately, I’ve discovered a few little things that you don’t like too!

  • Being naked. Whether it’s changing your nappy, getting you ready for the bath or changing your clothes, you certainly don’t like being exposed. I’ve figure if I wrap you up in a towel and make sure you’re warm then you seem to settle easier.
  • Being put down – it doesn’t matter how deep a sleep you seem to be in, if muma needs to pop to the bathroom or make a cup of tea as soon as your head hit’s the mattress you start to snuffle and your arms shoot up in the air as if you’re being dropped! It must be that you can’t smell me or feel my warmth so I’m going to start keeping one of my worn t-shirts with us to settle you with.


Health – You’ve not been poorly, but we have had a fair few doctors and hospital appointments for you this month. Here’s a little breakdown:

  • Tongue tie, you’ve been finding it a little tricky to feed so next week you’ll be having this all sorted for you 🙂
  • Infection, you had a little infection in your eye, on your finger nail and your belly button so we had to take you to have tests and you were put on medicine like a big boy!
  • Eczema – over the last couple of weeks you’ve had a touch of baby eczema on your face, (baby acne according to another doctor). It doesn’t bother you though, and it looks like it’s starting to fade 🙂


We’ve had a very busy first month filled with visitors and fun activities. Here are some of the things that we’ve gotten up to!

  • Visiting all of your family
  • Out for walks in your Bugaboo
  • A wedding
  • A birthday party
  • BBQ’s
  • Meeting your new baby friends
  • Tummy time, exploring

IMG_6961Well it’s been a wonderful month and we can’t wait to see what fun we have in month 2!

Lots of love, muma xx





  • Dianne
    17th May 2014 at 8:40 am Reply

    Love it!!! We cant remember life before Jasper either x

    • Jessica
      25th May 2014 at 4:49 pm Reply

      It’s crazy isn’t it, it’s like he’s always been here 🙂

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