When Jasper was first born and I was busy writing all of his weekly and then monthly updates I never imagined how life would be with a three year old. Of course I knew he would eventually be three but it was so hard to imagine him as anything but my baby. I recently watched a video that I made when he was around 3 months old; it was a baby boy clothing haul and I couldn’t believe how different he looked. You could tell that it was him, he still has the same almond eyes and teeny nose but back then I could only ever picture the baby version of him but slightly bigger. I could never have imagined his long surfer boy golden locks or that his strawberry birth mark would have practically disappeared by now. I would certainly never have imagined his funky dance moves and wildling ways, his love for either being naked or in a dinosaur outfit or the way that we say goodnight every night:

Me: I love you

Jasper: I love you

Me: I love you more

Jasper: I love you more

Me: I love you

Jasper: Toooooooo much

Three means so much more to me than just his age or the number on his birthday badge. Three means threenager and don’t we know it! He gave us a little preview a few weeks before his birthday and oh my is it a whole other level. We have tantrums, sulking, ‘NO MUMMY’ and ‘YOU’RE NOT MY FRIEND’ – I mean seriously, doesn’t he know I’m the best friend ever!? We’ve had heightened emotions, tears on cue and boundaries pushed to the max.

Three means preschool. No more toddler room, no more toddler! I’ve just realised whilst writing this that Jasper is now a preschooler, he is no longer considered a toddler and oh my is that a hard pill to swallow. I have a baby, a preschooler and a soon to be ‘schooler’ … that’s too much for this muma to take!

Three means the final year before school. Next year Jasper will be at school, no more Mummy and Jasper days, no more lazy mornings and spontaneous days out, he’ll be at school and that is why this year needs to be jam packed full of fun and filling out a ‘Mummy-Jasper bucket list’ (once I make one).

Three means independence. I no longer go into Gym Tots with Jasper, he goes in by himself as of next week and as much as I know I’ll love the chance to have a cuppa and a natter with my friends (whilst running after Jenson) I’ll miss our one on one time. I love holding his hand as he climbs the beams and clapping for him as he nails a perfect rolly-polly. I’ll miss seeing his proud smile when he leaps from the block he’s not supposed to be on and I’ll miss that time while Jenson is in his car seat and it’s just me and Jasper (and a room full of other mumas and toddlers haha).

Of course though, three also means a whole lot of fun. More trees to climb and bears to hunt (imaginary of course). More movies to watch and bikes to ride. Three means my baby is growing up and so am I. I’m a muma to a preschooler, a three year old and I need to learn just what that means. The best person to teach me of course, is Jasper <3

So here’s to being three. Here’s to a wonderful year that I’m so sure will fly past with me chasing after it with a camera in hand. I long to grasp hold of memories and every year that passes reminds me just how much I need to do that so sorry Jasper, the camera will be following you around as much if not more than ever!

Happy Birthday again sweet boy, and Happy ‘I’m a Mum of a three year old’ to me!


Tips and advice on threenagers welcome,

Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Fleur
    2nd May 2017 at 1:57 am Reply

    Love this post Jess! I have two boys (3 year old and 10 month old) and I felt so emotional when my eldest turned 3…. I’m holding onto the “toddler” term until he’s 4, even though there’s no toddling at all there’s only running! X

    • Jessica
      3rd May 2017 at 7:02 pm Reply

      Ooh that’s a good idea I might hold onto it until he’s 4 too! <3

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