*Jasper loves his Taggies Swing N Go Portable Swing

The great thing about Rhys and Jasper being so close in age is that when Rhys grows out of his old toys, clothes and equipment – Jasper is ready to use them. This was the case with Rhys’s swinging chair that we bought and were really pleased that it styled Jasper instantly while saving us the money of buying anew one!

Imagine my freak out when the only thing to soothe Jasper (other than my boob) broke – no warning, no battery change required, it just stopped working! It was fine to push it but as soon as it stopped rocking the little pickle would scream the house down, and just rightly – he was used to a swinging chair that swung!

Well just in the knick of time, literally, it was the same day, we were sent a fab new swinging chair from Taggies to review! Not only is it smaller and has more functions but Jasper loves it and could happily spend all day in it!

The Taggies Swing N Go Portable Swing retails at £79.99 which I think is mid-range when considering all of the ones out there!

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Some of the great features:

  • Not only is it portable but when it is up it’s really compact. Compared to our old one it’s probably 2/3 of the height, width and length
  • It has an adjustable and removable head rest
  • Detachable overhead bar (not sure on the real name) with hanging creatures for bambino to focus on and reach for
  • 5 swing speeds
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • Detachable caterpillar comforter
  • EnerGSave which makes it swing up to 3 times longer
  • Lots of little tags in easy reach of baby

The swing was pretty easy to set up, it did come in a lot of pieces but Pete managed it pretty quickly (I’m rubbish at these things!)

Jasper spends a lot of his time in the swing so I’d definitely recommend it to other mummas who are looking for somewhere for bambino to self occupy, soothe and relax.

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