Jasper, You are 1

Well the time has finally come. The time that I’ve been saying is oh so very close is now so close in fact, that it is now. You are one my sweet boy; you’ve been out in the big ol world for one whole year and what a glorious year it has been.

You joined us slightly late, you made me wait impatiently like a hormonal beach whale for 4 extra days but I’d wait a lifetime for the year we’ve had. ‘Stop being emotional Muma’ I’m sure you’d say if you could, but you can’t, so I’ll be as embarrassing as I want to thank you.

You’ve filled our lives with so much joy; from your 60’s boyband hair do to your adorable husky laugh. You make me laugh and cry so many times a day that it all kind of blurs into one overwhelmingly emotional haze. I cry because you don’t sleep, I laugh at you playing peekaboo at 6am from your cot. I cry because your poor itchy skin drives you to distraction but then I laugh when you copy my dance moves and it is oh so adorable.  I cry because you’re growing so blooming fast and I miss my squishy newborn and then I cry tears of joy at how proud I am of you. I cry at the thought of you starting school, being picked on and having your first heartbreak; … I then laugh at the outfits you’re going to pick out and the multitude of gifts you MUST HAVE but will never look at more than once. I picture, before it makes me blubber too much, you going off to university, introducing me to ‘the one’, walking down the aisle and raising a family of your own. That then gets too much and my mind zooms straight back to my little squishy, Monsieur Squish as we once called you. You were Rabbit too for so long that I thought we’d never call you Jaspy.

You really make my life a roller coaster Jasper. To the outside world it may look pretty mundane, nappy’s, bottles, playgroups repeat; but to me it’s exciting, crazy, scary and wonderful all rolled into one. I never know what stunt you’ll pull next, most probably leaping from your highchair or throwing my phone in the bath but I’m excited nonetheless. I’m excited to watch you take your first steps and sleep through the night *hint hint*; I’m excited to watch you learn and grown at playgroups and nursery. I’m excited to see you make more friends, to develop interests and crazy obsessions with irritating cartoons. I’m excited to take you EVERYWHERE, oh the places you will go Jaspy and the things you will see. I’m excited to see the world that you’ll grow into; how it’s changed from my childhood, the things that you’ll teach me about technology … wow that’s a crazy thought!

Sweet boy, Happy Birthday. I hope today, as much as I’ve hoped from the minute I laid eyes on you, that your life is filled with so much happiness. That you are safe and loved; challenged and nourished. I hope you give as much as you are given (if not more); I hope that you are kind and love as much as you are showered with it. I hope that you share, respect, trust and fall. Not over of course, but in love, into mischief and into the little rabbit hole of adventure.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, hyper, cute as heck mess maker of a son.

Lots of love,




  • missbettyandme
    16th April 2015 at 7:41 am Reply

    Oh I love your posts Jessica!! What a beautiful letter to Jasper. I hope you all enjoy his special day, Happy first birthday Jasper!

    • Jessica
      16th April 2015 at 8:05 pm Reply

      Aww thanks so much, bit of a soppy one but it’s a soppy occasion 🙂

  • Tiaz
    16th April 2015 at 9:01 am Reply

    Happy birthday Jasper. This is a beautiful letter to your son. 🙂 your doing a good job mama.


    • Jessica
      16th April 2015 at 7:45 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Tiaz 🙂

  • Jo
    16th April 2015 at 2:42 pm Reply

    Lovely words about your beautiful boy x

    • Jessica
      16th April 2015 at 7:39 pm Reply

      Thanks Jo 🙂

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