If you follow my social media then you will already have seen that on Sunday 14th August 2016, at 6:24 am, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world. I will be writing a labour and birth story so I won’t go into any of those details now; and I’ll also be uploading weekly updates on both little bear and myself postpartum wise so this is really just to say please join us in welcoming our new bundle of love to the world.

We’re still yet to name him but for now we’re calling him Bear … something that I think may stick for a while!

We’re so overwhelmed with newborn bliss and can’t believe just how much love he has brought to our family.┬áHe’s healthy, happy and 100% adorable. Jasper has settled into big brother life amazingly, we really are so proud of him and Rhys is besotted by his newest baby brother.

I’ll leave you with a lot of adorable newborn cuteness and please do stay tuned for more updates when I can find more than 5 minutes amongst newborn and toddler snuggles to get back into writing.

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