Imperfect is perfect

The beauty of homemade gifts, as with life is that imperfection is perfection. Take this card for instance … 20140611-233758-85078149.jpgCan you guess what it is? ….. no? I don’t think many people could lol

Well I won’t lie and say that was my aim but the fact that my attempt at a footprint tortoise turned into, well, a green footprint with googly eyes actually is perfect to me! It kind of looks like a green porcupine or some odd lizard with brown legs … Why did I even do brown legs?

Anyway the point that I’m trying to make is, perfect doesn’t have to be stereotypically perfect. Neat, ordered and pristine aren’t things to strive for in life, they’re more restrictions.

It’s goes for every aspect of life. Take beauty for instance –
I love a messy bun, slightly straggled eyebrows and I prefer to wear my jeans the next day when they’re a bit more worn in.

How about meals? Angel delight, ice cream and jelly are probably my favourite desserts yet presentation wise they look like slop!

We know we’ve had a good workout when we’re sweaty and our hairs a mess.

Our kids have the most fun when they’re head to toe in mud/paint/food etc.

Mess is part of our daily lives for a reason so why strive for perfection.


Mistakes, forgetfulness, ‘blonde moments’ those imperfections all come hand in hand with a well balanced family life and I’m personally going to aim to be a lot more messy, colour out of the lines and make tortoise footprint cards that don’t look like tortoise footprint cards!

Hopefully this post makes sense, in my head it does but it’s all a tad jumbled!

Thanks for reading!


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