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Working from home is full of advantages; I get to have flexible working hours; have meetings in my pjs and most importantly to me, spend my days with my little ones. However it’s not without it’s disadvantages. One of the things I find the hardest about working from home is that I could go day in day out without physically seeing another adult except for Pete. I communicate via email and the odd Skype meeting or phone call but on the whole it’s just me in my little office, so when I get invited to events I practically always jump at the chance … especially if it’s with a brand that I’m particularly in love with!

Last week I headed off to London baby-free to attend the launch of the new iCandy Orange pushchair. It was a quick event, an hour and a half from midday so it was really stress-free; I avoided rush hour both ways and wasn’t away from the kids for too long – perfect days work!

iCandy put on a wonderful event at 15 Bateman Street in London with canapes and bubbly. I only knew a couple of people there that I’d met at previous events so it was nice to meet some new faces and find some new blogs to read and social accounts to follow!iCandy Orange Launch092iCandy Orange Launch150iCandy Orange Launch094 iCandy Orange Launch027

iCandy put on an industry first production; introducing us to the iCandy Orange pushchair with virtual reality headsets! I’d never used one before and it was quite strange all of us sat in a room with them on; not being able to see or hear anything but the screen and I half expected to take of the headset to find everyone had disappeared haha

The experience was really cool though; the VR headset made us appear to be a child in the new pushchair so when we looked down we saw the harness and when we looked to the sides we saw the pushchair hood! It took us down a street which led to the iCandy Orange which we could tour around, turning it 360 and navigating with our eyes – very impressive!

iCandy Orange Launch025

After than we got to try out the pushchair for ourselves as well as have demos of the awesome new features. It really was so clear just how passionate the team were about the new product and they talked us through the process of conception to reality even showing us the very original drawings of the pushchair!

iCandy Orange Launch018 iCandy Orange Launch129

Now this isn’t a review of the iCandy Orange as I don’t actually have it but I thought I’d share some of the fab features that I learnt about it which will hopefully make you want to go and check it out for yourself!

  • It’s the same size as the Peach that we have at home but it looks much larger.
  • It maintains a single footprint whilst in double mode
  • It has a huge 64 litre storage basket that isn’t compromised by the seats when in double mode
  • Cinematic seating – tandem style but while maintaining eye contact with both children
  • Two tone material
  • Extreme extendable handlebar making it able to go higher and lower than most
  • Folds completely flat
  • Rotating bumper bar for easy access to your child
  • Over 30 unique configurations
  • Includes carry cot and seat so is suitable from birth without purchasing any add-ons
  • Integrated ride on board
  • One of the largest seat units and carrycots on the market
  • Automatically locks when folding down
  • Puncture proof tyresiCandy Orange Launch012 iCandy Orange Launch154

The iCandy Orange retails for £830 and includes the chassis, carry cot and seat unit both on their own frames, two canopies, one luxury padded liner, one carrycot apron, liner and mattress and two rain covers. It’s available in 7 different colours or ‘flavour packs’ including Flame (orange), Pop (pink), Spring (green), Autumn (brown), Mercury (grey), Noir (black), Topaz (blue).

I’m a little bit in love with the iCandy Orange and just need to convince Pete that we need another pushchair to shake things up a bit … that’s a good enough excuse right?


Thanks so much to iCandy for hosting such a fab event; the Orange really is spectacular and #AbsolutelyFutureproof

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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