How minimalism has changed my life

If you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel then you may have seen that I’m on a bit of a journey to a more minimalistic life. My aim was never to become a minimalist or to end up with 35 belongings; my aim was much more manageable than that; to have only things in my life that I want, love and need.

Being a Mum I knew that this was the most realistic approach and would give me the satisfaction of a clearer space and mind without having to limit my toddler to one toy and myself to one top around a milk dribbling baby!

Some may say what I’m doing isn’t minimalism but I really do believe that minimalism is a tool that you can implement into your own life in any way that you seem fit. Whether you’re going from being a hoarder to owning 27 possessions or simply clearing out a few bags unwanted clothes and toys – you’re minimalising and I think as long as you know in your head what your aim is and you’re happy with your ‘version’ of minimalism – you’ll see positive changes.

I worked through my home room by room which I documented on my channel and although I still have a couple of rooms to go and a few other areas of my life to work on, I wanted to stop and share how the journey has changed my life already.

Like I said this is a lifestyle change and not something that I’ll close the door on once I’ve finished decluttering my home so I’m sure that down the line I’ll have more updates but so far, here is how minimalism has changed our lives including a lot of pros and a few cons!

I’d love to know if any of you guys have thought about trying minimalism or have even started it. I find it really fascinating to learn about others versions and how they’re getting on!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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