A homemade birthday package

In staying true to my 2014 goal of making every gift I give (almost), here’s my latest bit of DIY for my sister Heidi’s birthday.

You can find the tutorials for each item linked on this post but here’s just a little breakdown of what I made for her:


Homemade candle

I used a leftover candle holder and filled it with a collection of leftover pieces of candle wax and dried rose petals to create a really lovely scent.

photo 3-69


Handmade scrub

This scrub is a big hit with my mum so I thought my sister would love it too. Turns out she wasn’t too keen on having any smells but I think using an old Yankee candle jar made it a nice touch, even if just for decoration!
photo 5-41


Upcycled jewellery

Here I used beads from jewellery I no longer use to create a completely new piece. I’ve gotten really into my jewellery making now so expect some tutorials soon!

photo 1-97


Decoupage letter

These are a really great crafty gift to give! You can get really creative and I find theme early therapeutic to make. My sister has 3 tortoises so I thought the little model ones were a nice touch!

photo 2-94

To add some little personal touches I added labels to the candle and scrub jar and then made a little gift bag for the bracelet.

It’s not about the money spent, it’s not even the time and effort, it’s the thought; and I know my sister will love the thought that’s gone into this.

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