Tonight, a couple of days earlier than planned, Pete braved the shave! He had planned to do it on Saturday but I think the anticipation got the better of him so he decided to go ahead and do it tonight and oh my I couldn’t be prouder!

He did it round his parents house and there was a lovely bunch of us, his parents, aunties and uncle and niece and as I mentioned in my previous post their wonderful family friend Tino, who is a hairdresser did the shave. She also shaved Michelle’s hair during her treatment and she even brought the same clippers that she’d used to make it even more special.

Pete was so good and just wanted to get straight into it. We all had a go at shaving a little bit, starting with his dad who did the honours of the obligatory reverse mohawk and finishing with Toni who competed the shave and tidied up all of our work haha DSC07147 DSC07148 DSC07150 DSC07152DSC07159 DSC07161 DSC07163 DSC07164 DSC07165 DSC07166 DSC07167 DSC07168

Pete aimed to raise £250 for Macmillan but has already completely smashed that and is currently at £610! His campaign is still running until Saturday so if you did want to donate here is the link – Pete’s Brave the Shave  and if you’d like to send him a bit of encouragement for his now bald head then please do pop a comment below and I’ll make sure that he sees it 🙂

I know that Michelle would have been so proud; a song that reminds me of her and the time that she passed came on the radio on the way home and I’m certain that was a sign to let us know that she was there with us cheering Pete along. She really would have been so proud as she knew how much Pete loved his locks!

Once again Hubby I am so proud of you,


Thanks for reading,

Jess x