Sweet boy you are three. Today is your third birthday and amongst all of the excitement of cake and balloons this muma has a few words to say. You probably won’t read this until you’re older, maybe when you have children of your own or maybe never at all but I feel like it’s so important to stop time for a moment and grasp these moments before they’re forgotten.

You’re three but you’re still my baby. You’re still that almond shape eyed, cheeky smiler with the bright red strawberry kiss and giggle that could melt the ice caps. Your hair may have grown longer (yes it’s time for a trim but I can’t bring my self to do it just yet okay?), your birthmark may have faded and you may have a mouthful of teeth but you’re still that teeny baby I used to craddle in my arms.

You’re fiery now Jasper; fiercely fiery and so full of spirit. You know what you want and god help us all if you don’t get it. ‘No’ is your favourite word and we hear it quite often, usually around bedtime, dinner time and ‘let’s go anywhere but to the park, soft play or to Grandmas’ time.

You frown and you pout and you stomp your little chubby feet but then your eyes glisten and your smile breaks through and that cheeky grin washes the tantrum away.

You’re a muma’s boy through and through. Yes you love Daddy, you cry for him whilst he’s at work but there is nothing quite like the bond that we have. We’re best buds you and me and I love you so fiercly I could cry, and infact, I am right now … Mumas hey?

You love a cuddle, I run my fingers through your hair or tickle the palm of your hand and you nuzzle into me like it’s the best place in the world.

You hate having your face wiped and love doing your morning poo in your nappy … of which I am far from grateful!

You are crazy over your brothers; the best little brother and the best big brother I ever did see. When Rhys is here you grown up instantly; running around after ‘bad guys’, fussing and fighting and giggling with glee. Every morning you ask to go and see ‘baby’, you cuddle him, kiss him and in a baby voice greet him ‘hello’. You ask for him to sit on your lap but as soon as he’s on there you recoil and tell him to ‘get off baby!’.

You LOVE to dance, so much so that you’re having a dinosaur dance party for your birthday. You love watching Paw Patrol and sit through your favourite movies like Trolls, Moana and Inside Out. You love to play with cars and mini people but most of all you love to rough and tumble. Leaping from the sofa and even the stairs, riding your balance bike, jumping on your new trampoline and diving into your ball pit are your favourite pastimes and you’re known for your daring ways.

I don’t know if I ever really stopped and thought about you in the moment when you were turning one and then two. Of course I wrote about what you loved but I can’t picture how I saw you if that makes sense I can only remember you and see you in pictures and videos. Maybe I did stop and picture you in my mind but I’ve forgotten those images now; and will maybe forget this image so just incase that is the case, I’m going to describe it now. It’s the picture that goes with this post.

You’re sat with crossed legs, hands resting on your knees, head slightly leant back and watching TV. Your golden locks are swept off your face and resting on your shoulders just enough for them to bend out a little. You’re concentrating on what you’re watching, Paw Patrol probably, so your mouth is open ajar, catching flies. This is your relaxed concentration face, your ‘I’m doing something’ concentration face means you have your tongue poking out. Your perfect pouty lips are all shiny like babies and toddlers lips often are and your little nose looks so perfect. Your eyes are soft, not sleepy but soft. I can see your lashes fanned out and the sunlight is hitting them as well as your nose, lips and hair beautifully. This is how I picture you when I’m not with you. If you’re at preschool or asleep and you come into my mind this is how I see you, sunlight bouncing off you, Spider Man jammies on and sat on Muma’s bed, not a care in the world. It’s either that or you leaping butt naked off the sofa … another image that melts my  heart!

This is an image I never want to forget; in years to come I want to think back and see this image, not just look at pictures and build a memory from them. It’s also made me more determined to document how I see you as you grow as I’m sure you won’t be this image for very long.

Well I could go on and on about what you love, your favourite things and your quirky ways forever but I’d rather sign off now, get into my bed where you’re snuggled up, snoring away softly (on Daddies side, it must be Daddy’s side) and give you a cuddle before Daddy carries you off into your bed until the morning when you’ll sneak back in.

Happy birthday sweet boy. You are three; a scrumptious, cheeky and quite frankly amazing three and I couldn’t be prouder of the tot that you are,
Love Muma x


  • Emily Monk
    17th April 2017 at 6:27 pm Reply

    Any chance your doing a birthday haul? I’d love to get some ideas for my sons 3rd birthday in August. Thank you

    • Jessica
      3rd May 2017 at 7:03 pm Reply

      I did plan to but to be honest he didn’t get much at all; he got a few dinosaur t shirts, some Marvel pants and then from friends he got puzzles and books <3

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