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I’m a sucker for all things sentimental. Under my bed at my parents house I have boxes full of old theatre tickets, cards from friends, letters and school yearbooks. I’m not a hoarder by any means I just love to reminisce on treasured memories.

My idea of a perfect home would be filled with photographs on the walls and the boys artwork on the fridge.

I don’t know if it’s because Jaspy is my first but I just want to document every part of his life. Of course I blog everything and I take about a million pictures of him every day but it’s the keepsakes that I love; the framed hand imprints and wooden ‘J’ letters. I’m having a blanket made of all of his baby clothes too which will be so lovely for him to keep and pass on to his children.

I’ve seen the imprint jewellery a lot and I’ve always thought what a wonderful idea it is to be able to wear your childs hand or footprint. As I don’t own a charm bracelet I thought it would be lovely to get a pendant necklace and ended up going for the Handprint Cutout Heart Necklace from Hand on Heart Jewellery .


It retails at £110 which included free 7 day delivery and the imprint kit to get the handprint. What I liked was that even though the kit included a freeboots envelope to send the print back to them; you could also take a picture of or scan the handprint and email it to them. I did this as it worked out quicker and saved me a trip to the postbox!

I did a video review of the necklace (excuse my ditsyness at opening the wrong package!) where I explain the whole process from getting the prints to receiving the necklace so check that out here.


The necklace is so beautiful and such a lovely way to carry a little bit of my bambino wherever I go. I feel a little hooked now and I’m tempted to get his footprint on a pendant bracelet. They also do fingerprint pieces which look a lot more subtle and you’d only really know some of them are fingerprints if you asked, but as he’s so small I thought I’d wait until his fingerprint doesn’t look so much like a dot!


Do you have any print jewellery? 

Thanks for reading!


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