Cute Halloween Costumes for kids

Is it me or have Halloween costumes become far too scary? I know,I know, it’s Halloween and it’s supposed to be scary but when a tiny tot is dressed up as road kill or a historical murderer I kind of think that draws the line! What happened to cute halloween costumes like little pumpkins and friendly frankensteins; cardboard bat ears and bin bag witches capes? There has been loads in the press lately about people dressing up as scary clowns out in the streets and I really don’t find it funny. I’m up for a laugh and everything but scaring children and anyone for that matter is just cruel; imagine if it were someone with a health condition, that stuff could really cause harm and even scar you for life. I just know this halloween there will be lots of people dressed up in horrific outfits and I for one want to keep my littles sheltered for as long as possible so there will be no axe murderers or demon school children in this house … it’s just not cute!

With three boys under three they’ll definitely be wanting to dress up this year but I’m certainly not prepared to let them go trick or treating dressed as anything other than cute, inoffensive and  slightly ‘boo’ inducing! So here are some cute Halloween costumes that will still let your little ones feel scary but without risking scaring any other kiddies or even adults!


Top row – Baby Bat – Amazon || Lil Puffy Ghost – Amazon || Prisoner – Amazon

Middle row -Pumpkin – Amazon || Frankenstein – Amazon || Baby skeleton – John Lewis

Bottom row – Mummy – Tesco Direct || Vampire – Amazon  || Toddler skeleton –


What are your thoughts on halloween costumes for kids? Do you think they’ve become far too gory and scary? If you’ve seen any cute toddler and baby friendly ones then please do link them below for everyone else to see. I haven’t bought the boys theirs yet so I’m still looking for suggestions!

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