On my recent trip to Florida we were offered access to Airport Angel’s lounges with our bank account travel insurance. The package with Barclays costs £13.50 per month and it includes worldwide travel insurance (unlimited trips), RAC breakdown cover, airport lounge access and many other features. At £13.50 per month, this isn’t cost effective over the course of 12 months. But you can only pay for the months you are traveling, which is what we did. We paid a total of £27 to cover two months, and because we have a joint bank account with Barclays, it covered both of us.

We opted for The NO 1 lounge at Gatwick North – I was very hesitant after reading Tripadvisor reviews, but after an initial problem where we were told we couldn’t enter for 30 minutes, we were granted access. The lounge itself is very swanky, and comes with complimentary breakfast or lunch (including one small cooked meal each), drinks, newspapers and magazines. Some of the magazines on offer included Tatler and InStyle – so not just cheap junk. Facilities included a bar, games room, cinema, soft play area for children, 3 Apple Mac computers and comfort suite.

It depends on when you travel, but we were able to find comfortable seating in the cafe area and we had the games room to ourselves – you do need to put down a £10 deposit for the PS3 controllers, and there are plenty of plug sockets available for charging your various gadgets. Wi-Fi is also complimentary but you need to get the password from staff members.

Is it worth the cost? I think that if you’re paying for airport lounge access at full price (roughly £22 each) then I would suggest that it isn’t worth the cost. But as we paid just £27 for two of us, including our travel insurance, we found it to be excellent value. We each visited the cold snack area twice, had a cooked meal and a few drinks, along with grabbing a copy of Tatler and InStyle (RRP £4.30 and £3.95 respectively). We spent a total of just under two hours in the lounge, and I felt completely chilled throughout. I also really liked the toilets – they were private rooms, not cubicles, and they were kept immaculate.

The food on offer for breakfast includes pastries, muffins, crackers and cheese, cereal, yogurt and fruit, with fruit juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee. There is also a bar if you wish to purchase an alcoholic beverage, the prices comparable with pubs and bars. You are also allowed one menu item cooked fresh for you – in our case, bacon rolls. You can order more substantial meals, but these come at an additional charge. Our plates were cleared away promptly after finishing our food.

Alongside all of this there are also spa treatments available for you to enjoy, although these are not complimentary.

If you bank with Barclays, you can add Worldwide Traveller Plus to your account for just £13.50 per month. You can cancel immediately upon your return so that you only pay for one month. You’ll need to register for airport angel access two weeks before you travel. Alternatively, you can join Airport Angel with prices starting at £60 per year for multiple visits to airport lounges.

Overall we both found it to be a great experience. The lounge was quiet and well kept, the food area was well stocked and it added a layer of luxury to our travels – because let’s admit it, flying isn’t the most luxurious way of traveling. We’ll definitely be adding the World Traveller Plus pack to our Barclays account again.

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  • firsttimemummy1
    30th June 2014 at 10:27 am Reply

    Ooh I love this post – we don’t bank with Barclays but will certainly check if it’s available through our own bank! 🙂

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