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If you follow my social media you may have seen that I’ve decided to try a plant based diet. I’m kicking it off with ‘veganuary’ – being vegan for the month of January but I firmly intend to continue it for the long run – will power permitting.  Now I know what you’re thinking, is this just another instamum fad but honestly I do not have the will power to see out a diet for the sake of the gram, I’m doing it for the health benefits and I really feel so motivated to give it my best!

Now I say diet, but really it’s anything but, I’m simply swapping out meat, eggs and dairy for plant based alternatives and I’ve actually been consuming so many more calories than I was before! One of my other goals that I’m working on is to gain weight which I will do a separate post on but it’s something that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to achieve on a plant based diet and I am so pleased to say that I’ve already gained 4lbs!

So, the reason behind this change started around this time last year when we’d gotten past 2016, the year that shall not be discussed and I had it firmly set in my mind that 2017 would be the year of positivity. I wanted our family to be the healthiest versions we could be and I started making lots of changes which all contributed to us all being much healthier mentally and physically. Things like minimising did so much for me and my boys mentally as did mindfulness and a much more positive outlook; and then exercising and starting to cut out toxic products from our home was the first step to being physically healthier.

When I swapped out all of my cleaning products for natural based ones I mentioned that I fully intended to do the same with beauty products and to also eat a much cleaner diet but it wasn’t until I watched the documentary ‘What the heath’ just before Christmas that I had the kick up the butt to make that next step.

*I do want to make a quick disclaimer that this post is not at all intended to sway any of you to try a plant based diet; I’m not suggesting that if you eat meat, eggs and dairy you’re unhealthy and I’m fully aware that a documentary is a one sided view and cannot be taken as gospel. If you are interested in veganism however, then I would definitely recommend this documentary as it is really informative and was a real eye opener to me when it comes to the relationship between meat, eggs and dairy and health risks such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. *

So being that my aim was to reduce mine and my families risks of said health conditions and after learning some pretty hard hitting facts from ‘What the health’ I decided to give a plant based diet a go. It took me a few weeks to fully get into it; I was put off cows milk straight away but eggs took me another week or so and I didn’t cut out meat until the day after Boxing Day – Christmas just wasn’t the time for me to say no to pigs in blankets however hopefully by December 25th 2018 I’ll be so stuck in my vegan ways that I won’t even bat an eyelid at them! Who knows, my family may even join me and there might not be any meat on the table at all!

It’s been two weeks now since the last time I consciously ate any meat, eggs or dairy and aside from the odd slip up like accidentally using flora spread rather than ‘free from flora’ and eating a couple of ginger nut biscuits and three Thorntons chocolates; I’d say I’ve been pretty successful! I’ve not really craved anything except for a couple of times when I fancied a cold glass of milk but not enough to actually have one.

Something I’ve been asked a lot is whether the boys are on a plant based diet too and the answer is partially. When they’re at home or out with me they’ve not eaten meat, eggs or dairy but when they’re at their dads and at preschool and nursery they’ll eat like they always have. I was in two minds about this and it’s something that I’m sure I’ll feel more strongly about either way over time but part of me feels they should be able to eat as they wish and then make an informed decision as they get older whereas the other side of me feels like they’re not old enough to understand the health benefits of a plant based diet and that I should make that decision on their behalf. I think it’s easier for me because the boys love the meals that I cook and never ask for meat or eggs so they’ve slipped into it quite easily; the only aspect I’m finding tricky for them is dairy as Jenson doesn’t seem to like many of the alternative milks.

There’s a lot to think about for both me and my boys in terms of supplements so I’m still doing a lot of research and plan to document as much as I can on here for any of you guys who are in thinking about trying it out too! I’ll definitely be doing a post on my top tips for making the transition, how the first two weeks have been and how I’ve managed to gain weight but if you have any other areas you’d like me to talk about please do pop a comment below 🙂


I’d also love to hear if you are/ have been or plan to try a vegan diet and if you have any tips!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Fleur
    17th January 2018 at 12:23 am Reply

    So interesting to read this Jess, When I was pregnant with my second son for some reason I was completely turned off by meat and haven’t been able to eat it since then (he’s 19 months now) i’d love to go plant based but I’m not sure I could give up eggs and cheese! It’s funny that you put the disclaimer in this post, I actually get a bit embarrassed saying that I don’t eat meat because some people get really defensive and they don’t need to because I ate meat for years there’s no judgment on my part! It’s just a decision I made for myself. With my kids meat they mostly eat chicken and fish, I worried that me not eating meat might influence them to not want it, but then I figure if they’re eating lots of veg and fruit that’s a good thing – and they love their white meat at the moment anyway so it doesn’t seem to be having an impact on them yet. Good luck with it! X

    • Jessica
      17th January 2018 at 1:05 pm Reply

      I was really put off meat especially chicken when I was pregnant with Jenson; it was touching raw chicken that made me feel sick so I couldn’t cook it myself and then if I’d eat it in a restaurant I’d think of the raw chicken and it would put me off completely haha
      Oh I put the disclaimer because a few people on my video commented that I was a bit naive believing a documentary so I wanted to make it clear that I’m aware there are pros and cons to everything – no one can have opinions these days ay?
      Eggs were quite easy for me but cheese is something I think I may struggle with at some point as I love a good apricot cheese! We’ll see though, so far I’m really enjoying it! You’re so right re the kids bit, it’s a great thing them eating more fruit and veg it’s just hard knowing whether or not to make the decision for them,

      thanks for commenting lovely 🙂

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