Is it just me or has this Black Friday thing gotten a tad out of control!? It wasn’t even a popular day in the UK until recently ( as far as I know) and had always been more of an American thing. … well trust the Brits to turn it into an excuse for Tesco riots!

People physically fighting over the last of the bargain televisions!? Websites crashing from the sheer volume of visitors … it all seems so OTT and unnecessary. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love a bargain as much as the next person but to physically hurt someone for the sake of a discount … it’s beyond me!

This time of year is one to be cherished. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to give thanks and be truly appreciative for what we are so lucky to have. I love this time of year and even though I’m all about family and gratitude over who can buy the best presents; I do love that feeling when you get someone a present they’ve been wanting.

Although there’s nothing wrong with this gratification; when I heard about #GivingTuesday I realised that gifting at Christmas isn’t truly giving. The dictionary defines giving as ‘to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation’. So this would mean that the good feeling we get when we give a gift is actually more for self-gratification than an act of selfless giving right? Does it also mean that we’re probably giving in the hope to receive something equally as fab in return?


#GivingTuesday is based on selfless and non-reciprocal giving. Acts of kindness for those that really need it or could simply do with a pick me up. Buying the person in the queue at Costa a coffee; taking out your neighbours rubbish … little ways of making someones day be then financial or not. You could donate or fundraise for a charity close to your heart, or even find a cause that touches your heart through Giving Forward.

There are so many touching stories that you can donate to and really know where your money is going to. I saw the story of the Shah family, who were left with over $20,000 of their sons cancer treatment hospital bills after their insurance company refused to pay. There are also donations to people who are left unable to work after serious accidents or to raise money for medical equipment.

I’m not sure where I’m going to be giving this Tuesday, but I’ll be sure to truly give. I’d love to involve Jaspy, and will definitely make sure that it is a tradition he grows up with and understands.

Will you be giving this Tuesday?


Thanks for reading! 


*In association with Giving Forward


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