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I know I’m not the only one who feels like they don’t get enough quality time with their partner. A lot of us are guilty of letting life take over and now more than ever I feel like ‘us time’ is fleeting.

Me-time, well that’s all I seem to get lately. Jasper time – all the time; but time for me and Pete to enjoy each others company, that just seems non-existent.

For those of you that don’t know (I’m not sure how you wouldn’t because I rant on social media about my lonely status all the time) Pete works away for half of the week. He’s up in Cheshire three days a week, works from home two days and then is here for the weekend.

Well the weekend is family time and the evenings seem to be for catching up on life. Those emails I couldn’t reply to because Jasper skipped his nap, that project Pete has to work on because there aren’t enough hours in the day. Most evenings are spent sat in front of the TV on our laptops and phones, not speaking, not engaging … pretty much co-existing.

Pete works in the day and then when he wants to spend time with me in the evenings I’m catching up on the work that I can’t do in the day because I’m on mum duties. Jasper’s naps are usually spent doing housework and even his two mornings a week at nursery aren’t enough for me to get all of my blog and youtube work done. It’s amazing don’t get me wrong, I love that my workload is ever increasing but it’s at that awkward stage of too much to do in the time I have but not enough to justify putting Japser in nursery longer.

It’s been a hot topic lately, Pete feels I spend too much time on my laptop but when else can I do it? I know I can be guilty of wasting my life watching KUWTK and flicking through Pinterest only to find Japsers woken up early and I’ve not even checked my emails yet; but there really doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day lately.

Well, enough is enough. The last person I want to neglect is my husband. He supports me through everything and as much as I do support him, I don’t give him as much attention as he deserves. I LOVE our time together and I don’t want to become one of those couples that pass like ships in the night and sleep in separate rooms.

I want our relationship to be exciting and fun, filled with love and gorgeous memories. We’ve decided to make a conscious effort to date. Make a list of things we want to do together, things we’ve not really done before, things that take planning and creativity, and work through that list. Even if we just complete one thing a month. So far we have cooking classes, rock climbing and exploring new restaurants and sights.

In Dubai we had awesome dates; sky diving, jet skiing, charity fight nights – we were so much fun and I want that back. Now I can’t see myself doing anything crazy. I don’t think I’d jump out of a plane again even if you paid me! I’m getting to the age now where yes I want to have fun and adventures but I’d much rather go wine tasting and watch a show than go to a festival or theme park. I read an article by Pryers Solicitors on Six Out Of Ten about being too old to festival and it pretty much summed me up. I want to broaden my horizons, learn and explore and I want to do that with Pete. I want to share amazing moments with him that don’t involve the kids. I want to get merry, eat good food and try something new.

On top of date nights I won’t be on my laptop the evenings that Pete is home. I have two nights a week to sit on my own and even if I do fill them with reality TV I can fit my work that I couldn’t do in the day there.

Do you and your partner have regular dates? Any date ideas for me?



Jess x

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