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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate my bum. Ever since falling pregnant with Japsy I lost my booty and haven’t had the motivation to get it back. I didn’t realise how much of it was muscle from squatting like a champion in Dubai – a life of boat parties and beach days will do that to you! 

I read an article on Fitness and Beauty Mag about some research that My Voucher Codes did on women feeling under pressure to have the perfect beach body and it’s funny because I don’t want a bigger bum so that I look good at the beach or for Pete, it’s purely for me. I don’t know why, I just feel happier in myself when I’m a bit curvier and feel like I look healthier too.  

In the build up to the wedding I was determined to have a Kardashian behind but with the stress of planning our big day my gym plans got pushed to the back of the queue and I haven’t been in over two months! *hangs head in shame*.

Well even though our wedding has been and gone and bikini season is almost over, I’ve gotten my determination back. We’re married, we’ve moved house and my life has just gotten a lot less stressful so I’ve got time to focus on me again. I won’t be going back to the gym, I went in and cancelled my membership this week. With Pete working away I can’t just nip to the gym in the evenings and as I know I’ll be going back to work soon I want to spend as much time with Jaspy during the day as possible.

So, I’ve downloaded certified booty builder Zoe Rodriguez’s booty work out to get my bum back in shape! It’s a three month program that you can do from home, basically squats and … well, squats! The before and after pics look amazing; I’m usually really skeptical towards things like this but it worked out about £14 which is cheaper than my gym membership was so why not!?

I did the first session today and ended up walking like John Wayne; it was awesome! I’ll keep you ladies updated and take some before, during and after shots to document my progress … Kim K booty here I come!

Jess x


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