I’m one of those people who LOVES pictures. Whenever my phone tells me I need to delete a picture before I can take another one I get a small pang of sadness as I really do hate getting rid of them. I know I could get more storage, and to be honest most of my pictures are on my social media accounts so they’d never be lost forever; but I love scrolling through my pictures and being reminded of the great memories I’ve had.

As it’s Friday I thought I’d jump onboard with #FlashbackFriday and show you guys my favourite picture from when I went travelling in Thailand back in 2011249360_10150259175607804_3988409_nI’d been living in China teaching English at a kindergarden and me and some friends went travelling around Thailand before heading back home. This is me and my friend Jess, I’m the one with the unbrushed afro at the back looking like Mowgley from The Jungle Book!


Anyone else have any cool #FlashbackFriday moments to share?


Thanks for reading xxx

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  • Candice
    14th February 2014 at 1:58 pm Reply

    I have the same problem, I email every photo I take to my child before deleting. I have a Blackberry which eats memory (don’t know where it goes)

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