How To Make Fake Snow

We’ve gotten our crafty mojo back in this house and with the festive season upon us we decided to make the super easy 3 ingredient fake snow! It’s so quick to make and you most probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards.

What’s fab about this is it lasts forever; because of the oil it doesn’t dry out so simply pop it in a tupperware pot or even on a plate on the side and it will keeps its squishy soft feel for weeks (maybe even months we haven’t gotten that far yet haha).  It actually amazingly feels like snow in that when you squish it between your fingers it crunches like real snow!

We added some goggly eyes to make our snowman and some little trees to make a snowy scene but you could go way more creative and add in cutters to make shapes and make your own mini Winter wonderland that won’t dry out all Winter!

This would be a fab craft all year round by adding in different colourings, glitters and props. Thank red with little hearts for Valentines Day and orange with goggly eyes for Halloween!

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